Comic Book Review : Battlestar Galactica

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Something amazing just happened folks.  A comic literally flew into my computer and surprised me.  I think I may have mentioned this in a press release some time ago, but completely forgot about it.


Battlestar Galactica by Cullen Bunn and published by our friends at Dynamite Comics, is simply fantastic.  Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound, final destination? His childhood. Bunn is a genius, pure genius and it shows that he loved BSG, just like many of us.

It has everything, The Galactica, Adama, Tie, Starbuck and yes, even the Cylons.  There are so many echoes of the past in this first issue that had my nostalgia firing on 11 and I tore through this book in minutes. My eyes, locked on my display, with every word keeping me on the edge of my seat, wanting more.  If I may share an analogy with you all…..Remember the movie “Short Circuit”? If so, remember the part where Johnny 5 kept reading books saying, and I quote “more Stephanie, More!”?  That’s precisely how I felt after reading this latest masterpiece by Cullen Bunn.

Mr. Bunn, you sir, are a genius. Thank you so much for bringing back a piece of our Sci-Fi history and restoring my love for the BSG franchise.

The artwork by Alex Sanchez truly brings out the nostalgic feeling inside of me and takes me back to the Glory Days of entertainment. Beautifully drawn, even though it is somewhat of a “sketchy” view of the BSG world, but I believe that was his intent and well done.

It is very apparent that all of the people involved have a deep connection to BSG and I sincerely hope that this continues for a very long time.

I recommend this book to everyone and anyone.  Even if you have never really gotten into the comic side of BSG, but are familiar with it’s history, do yourself and your kids a big favor and run out to your local comic-stop and get a copy today.

Until next time,