Comic Book Review: Legends of Baldur’s Gate

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How do you create an amazing graphic novel?

A Statue Named Minsc and a Hamster named Boo is how. That’s what Jim Zub and Max Dunbar have done in this latest creation from IDW comics.  It revises Dungeons and Dragons lore of old, with some new twists to boot.  A big boot named Minsc that is.  Squeak!

Baldur’s Gate is as solid as I expect from this creative team as well as amazing art work. It is fun to read and beautiful to look at.

I have been a huge D&D/Forgotten Realms fan, ever since I read my first book (waaaayyyy back)  “The Crystal Shard”. Part one of  a three-part series (The Icewind Dale Trilogy)  that began in 1988.  Yup! I just dated myself.

It was my entry drug into D&D and this story made me feel like I did when I read my first D&D book.  I plan on reading this again and look forward to seeing my new favorite characters again. My only wish, is that Jim and Max continue this story-line.

This is truly one to pick up and I recommend it to any fan of any D&D realm.

Available May 6th, 2015.


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