Comic Book Review: Assassins Creed #2

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Alright yeah, I’m doing the second Assassins Creed Issue, why? Because I’ve been playing Syndicate for the past 2 weeks and by god is it awesome, so I wanted to get my Creed on…oh and something about the Kill Shakespeare Entertainment Inc. asking me to continue reviewing the series, but that’s cool too.

We open up our story with Charlottes ancestor Tom Stoddard, completing a mission by stabbing two people to death, after they give him the wrong answer, I do have a question about that, does he just kill people if they give him wrong answers? He would make a terrible teacher….regardless after killing them he meets his informant Jennifer Querry, she informs him how the witchcraft epidemic happened with a young girl coming down with an illness that no doctor could explain, and instead of figuring out what it is, they just jumped to the conclusion of the Devil after other girls started acting funny, like with fake seizures. This draws the Templars to the scene and which they believe a Piece of Eden is causing the symptoms, but which one? Long story short Jenny and Tom break into a Templar meeting, discover a woman named Dorothy Osborne and she states she knows where the Pieces of Eden is…but…who is Dorothy?

The thing about the Assassins Creed comic is it’s a fantastic read, but difficult to review…not because it’s bad, it’s that theres a TON of stuff going on in this tiny 31 page issue. Each issue has jam packed adventure with Tom, the Templars and the current age Assassins. With that said Assassins Creed is a book I feel like anyone will enjoy, the second issue is even better than the first issue, with learning about how Tom is one of the most ruthless Assassins in the entire Creed and you learn a little bit about fictional history! But I will ask this again…WHY ISN’T THIS A GAME!?

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