Comic Book Review: Archie #8

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Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Veronica Fish, Archie Comics

Well…I had to find something to review and for some reason Archie #8 actually has arch nemesis’s in it…so I had to see who it was and what’s all the hullabaloo.

As the story goes we left Archie doing odd jobs for Mr. Lodge, which in turn is keeping Archie from seeing Mr. Lodges daughter, Veronica. If you’ve read the Archie comics before Mr. Lodge hates Archie and disapproves of him and Veronica dating, to which Veronica and Archie are keeping it a secret, so much so that when Mr. Lodge finds a hair on his daughters jacket she immediately states that the hair belongs to her cat that apparently she has, so what do Archie and Veronica go do? They go buy a cat! But two can play at this game as Mr. Lodge has offered Archies dad a job…in Singapore! Oh no..what will Archie do?

Do you like teen dramas? No? How about good teen dramas? Still no…well let me tell you something: Archie is a comic book series I’ve always had a soft spot for but never took the time to actually read as an adult, now I did a review on Jughead a while back and really liked it, and now I’m reading Archie and surprisingly I’m really enjoying this series too. I’m not sure what it is but Mark Waid and Veronica Fish are able to blend a casual teen drama story and amazing art style together to make this amazing revival a brilliant read! I’d recommend picking up the trade paper back now!