Comic Book Review: Apama: The Undiscovered Animal

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Let us say you are browsing your favorite Comic-Con and you are incredibly excited to see your favorite artists, writers and possibly even some actors! But let’s also say you want to read something more than Captain America and Superman, you want excitement, goofiness and possibly a Hungarian ice cream truck driver that gains the suit and abilities of an ancient mystical king of all beasts known as the Apama…

Apama, follows the story of a Hungarian ice cream truck driver, Ilyia Zjarsky that decides to go hiking and stumbles upon an ancient Native American scroll that reveals the ability to unlock the powers of the strongest animal in the world The Apama, he has to put on a silly suit and dance! From there Ilyia’s world is turned upside down by being the world’s very first superhero, and with superheroes comes…super villains.

The best way to describe Apama: The Undiscovered Animal is in one word: Important, Ted Sikora and Milo Miller craft a beautiful story of an everyday man being thrown into a whole new world, he’s completely alone in and that reflects back to the age of comics where heroes did not have other heroes to learn from, Ilyia is the only hero that we know of and he is constantly being hit with a psycho Lawnmower Man, a Tap dancing Serial Killer, and a crazed cult Hippie, it’s Ilyia is the everyday man thrown into a world he’s all alone in, Apama is a book like no other series out there.

The Apama’s art is gorgeous with each page elaborate colors, dark undertones and so much attention to detail that you feel like you yourself are actually a resident of Cleveland, Ohio and watching Ilyia Zjarsky evolve as the Apama. Benito Gallego is a genius with giving each page a little bit of unique style when something crazy is going down, Benito makes sure the art fits the action, if something dark and sad is going down, he’s on top of it, Benito has a new fan.

As stated Apama is important, but words cannot describe how amazing this series truly is, spinning off from a film: HERO TOMORROW about (in part) a struggling comic book creator trying to get Apama published, (that Ted Sikora and Milo Miller made!), Apama is currently my favorite book I have read all year of an independent publisher. Ted, Milo, and Benito have crafted a love story to the past times of golden age comics and it should hit close to home for any old school and new school comic book fans.


There is no reason why Apama should not be on your next pick up at your next convention or even online at Apama Nation