Comic Book Review: All The Grow Things Vol. 1

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Writer and Artist: Jenn Myers, Typodmary Comics, 142 Pages

All right, so I was given this book to review by John Myers of Typodmary comics…I was skeptical about this book because it’s such a brilliant concept and my mind could not comprehend it. Soo…All The Grow Things

All The Grow Things follows the story of Maude, an elderly woman who’s completely obsessed with her garden. She protects it with her life as it is her pride and joy. She waters her plants, harvests her crops, smokes a ton of cigarettes, fighting off giant worm monsters that are underneath her garden feeding off the roots while plotting to take over the world…yea know..stuff that regular old people with gardens do!

All the Grow things is kind of like Chew…I can’t explain what it’s about, without you actually having to read it. But what I can say is that it’s absolutely amazing! This should be recommended to any comic book lover! It’s a cliche world domination title (so it seems) but with a twist: our hero being an elderly woman! If you are interested in reading a comic that is different in all the best ways…please support by purchasing at the store below!


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