Comic Book Review: Alex + Ada #9

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So we are traveling back a few weeks, to review a series that hasn’t gotten a lot of light but is one of the many gems that is in Image Comics library of great titles, that’s right we are talking about Alex + Ada, written by Jonathan Luna and Art by Sarah Vaughn: Alex + Ada is a breath taking Science Fiction drama that has been hiding in Images arsenal since 2013.

Set in the near future Alex + Ada is about a man named Alex who lives in a world where Androids are working side by side with Humans, his grand mother decides that since Alex is terrible with woman the only rational thing to do is buy him a pretty android named Ada! Aren’t Grandmas lovely? At first Alex doesn’t really accept Ada as his own and tries his hardest to try and make her as independent as possible.

Alex + Ada #9 takes place when Alex succeeds with getting Ada to become independent and she runs away since now sentient Androids are considered illegal and if found should be destroyed and the owner sentenced to life in prison…or of the two.  Alex now on a quest to find her as she gets into trouble with the FBI.

With all this being said Alex + Ada is a simple romance story only with instead of a person or monster; it’s a robot. With such a simple story it’s surprising how Jonathan Luna can keep you reading each month wanting more, and personally Sarah Vaughns art also plays a part in this, with its high end actions and emotions that each character is drawn, you really feel a connection between the Android and Human.

Pick up Alex + Ada in local comic shops now! Also the first trade paper back is out as well, so go get that!

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