Comic Book Gems: All New Ghost Rider #1

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But Iron Squid! You said this segment is about the under ground comic…the little one…Ghost Rider is a huge comic book name! Well, first off shut up and let me speak, and secondly this is a little comic book, because it’s an ALL NEW Ghost Rider! Marvel with their Marvel NOW! Series came out with a new Ghost Rider: He drives a car and he’s a gangsta yo! At first I really hated this concept, but I gave it a shot and….it’’s….good..homie…I need help.

Our story starts off with our main character Robbie Reyes fixing a car like some sort of guy fixing a car. He fixes the car and is met by a client that shorts him twenty three dollars….whoo? Step forward and we meet a bunch of gangsters beating up a crippled child, trashing his comic books and knocking him out of his wheel chair because being tough mean shoving cripples…thug life. Robbie attacks the thugs because f the police and reveals that it’s Robbies little brother Gabe, they live in the crappy side of California and Robbie is just trying to have his little brother live a normal life. I’ll leave the synopsis at that, just make a mental note that the way Robbie turns into Ghost Rider…is AWESOME!

I love Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze to be exact. But there is something about Robbie that you really should respect. He’s living in a really broken neighborhood and all he wants is to make his little brother happy and clean up the streets without any rewards except knowing he’s doing good. Felipe Smith writes the story of Robbie Reyes and you can really tell he’s putting all the effort into making this character really likable and not a cliche story, he really wants to make Robbie a unique piece of work..unlike some Ghost Riders..I’m looking at you Alejandra. Trad Moore’s art takes a bit of getting used to since it’s a lot brighter than other titles the Marvel is doing but he doesn’t stray on the details. Truthfully I’d give this title a shot, since one it gives new readers and old readers to experience a brand new character and…HE DRIVES A CAR! Peace out.



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