Comic Book Gems: Happy #1

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Haven’t done one of these in a  few, it’s probably because Bub had me locked in a basement with his imaginary a tiny blue unicorn horse with bird wings, now you may be asking yourself: It’s imaginary how did you manage to see such a make believe creature? Well I have a few answers for that, and it includes Bath salts, some duct tape, and Happy!

Happy is one of the strangest things I’ve ever read, and I read JustBobs diary. The story follows ex-cop turned hit man named Nick Sax who is thrown into the underbelly of his city as the mob and cops are on his tail, but one Christmas night it is discovered that a pedophilloic Santa Claus is running around ruining Christmas with rape and murder, well someone is– no there is a joke there but I’m just going to let it go. Anyway, Nick springs into action trying to find the missing girl, but not before he wakes up in a hospital and sees a small blue flying unicorn named Happy sitting on his chest….adorable.

Happy! written by Grant Morrison is one of those books you really should read for the sake of finding out what a psychological crime thriller is. Sure there are other thrillers out there, but Happy! for some reason is a book that has a lot of charm when reading it, this will mess with your mind. Darick Robertson does the art work with stunning detail as he makes Happy a very bright and colorful character with the rest of the scenes are dark and dirty.

You can check out Happy! now in Trade paper back form issues 1-4 at your local comic shop!