Comic Book Gems: Buzzkill #1

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A comic book gem is something that doesn’t get the big attention of the comic book world: because not everything is Captain America and Superman. Today on this rendition I’ll take a look at Dark Horse, What happens when drugs and alcohol is the only way to activate your powers? You get Buzzkill.

The book starts out as any old other Dark Horse title, dark without horses. Reuben is a recovering alcoholic in a twelve step rehab program trying to clean up his life…why you might ask? Because he gains super powers from taking drugs and drinking of course and he loves hot chocolate! He tells his back story about how his friends were killed in a car accident coming back from a high school party, but he some how lives. Flash forward to college five years later where he hasn’t drank since and he joined a fraternity, and you can figure out the rest (He discovers his powers!) We eventually see him meet up with one of his former team mates named Eric, since the name Clark Kent was taken, and he warns him about “Brutal Juice.”

What sets this book apart is the actual seriousness of the situation, as long as I have been reading comics I have never read a story about a super hero with such a serious super power, sure it seems awesome but gaining super strength after one beer and still feeling the effects of a drunken rage is a dangerous thing. But man is it an amazing series, four issues of a carefully written story is worth the read. Written by Donny Cates and Mark Reznicek (drummer of the Toadies!) create a interesting concept into the term “Super Powers” we never really get to see a darker super power quiet like this that could hit close to home for some people.

The art work is probably some of my favorite,  I’ve always been a sucker for the sketchy art work and this one really takes the cake. Drawn by Geoff Shaw, who I can’t find to much stuff on except he’s done a series called “A Town Called Dragon” creates a very dark undertone with his art work that captures the writing perfectly with the seriousness of the situation. Buzzkill is no Buzzkill, except if you’re not reading it!

Issues #1-4 can be found in stores now or you can pick it up in trade paper back form at your local comic shop!