Comic Book Gems: Star Spangled War Stories: G.I. Zombie #1

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Comic Boom Gems: Are things on the shelves that don’t get a lot of attention, not all comic books are Spider-Man and Batman.

Today I am talking about: Star Spangled War Stories: G.I. Zombie, a DC New 52 title. Sure you see me writing reviews on Image comic books, but that’s only because Slack Jaw Punks keeps me in a small room in the back and pokes me with sticks.

What happens when you take the Walking Dead and G.I. Joe…if you guessed Dead Snow then congrats you’re an idiot. Star Spangled War Stories hasn’t seen the light of day since 1977, which is 37 years older than I am, here’s math for yea kiddies. It started off with various titles like “The War That Time Forgot” and “The Unknown Soldier” now we feature a new character fresh out of the DC Universe with the New 52 brand new character: G.I. Zombie!

G.I Zombie is about a guy who was infected by a weird zombie virus and gains the super powers of a zombie…like shuffling slightly and smelling horrible. The man known as G.I Zombie fights in wars again and again without dying and keeping his sanity. Issue #1 takes places in the present time line of the new 52 and pits GI Zombie up against a terrorist biker gang, because why the heck not!? Working for the FBI he with his partner Cat try to stop this terrorist biker gang from launching a missile, because again why not!?

This book currently is running at 4 issues and a futures end, and each book so far has been one solid issue right after the other. It’s written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and the art work Scott Hampton, when these three get together I feel like it brings this fresh new character to life, even if he did start off as a joke after G.I Combat. G.I. Zombie is a title that should be recommended by those readers who love Jonah Hex, love Zombies and have no interest in the movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Check out G.I Zombie issues 1-4 in stores now!

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