Comic Book Gems: The Mice Templar #1

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A comic book gem is a small comic book shivering in the cold as everyone walks by it, but not all comics are Wonder Woman and Daredevil. Image has had a lot of success with their books: Walking Dead, Saga, Sex, Sex Criminals, Thief of Thieves. But there’s one book that should have gotten attention long ago…this is Mice Templar.

Mice Templar starts off with two mice, because the title says it’s about mice. Our two main character Lieto and Karic are interested in the old tales of the Templar that defended the world against the shadows and darkness. But the Templar disappeared into the world without a trace after a great battle between Templar and Templar broke out, leaving the world suffering and a little irritated. But, years later when a man (mouse) named Pilot appears and fights a giant spider….because that’s what mice do! An exciting new tale opens up for Karic and Lieto.

Mice Templar is an interesting read for the sheer fact that it’s like Assassins Creed and The Last Airbender but with mice, it’s about a secret society that isn’t the Justice League that protects the world and then disappears. Though unlike most stories this one sets the stage as people and not mice. During the read of the book you forget that your are reading about mice because it’s in-depth with story and culture, which makes this book an ideal read when it comes to something entirely new.


Bryan J. L. Glass, because everyone needs to letters inbetween their name, does the story of this book and it’s exciting with its fast pace story and diverse characters and with Michael Avon Oeming tying it all together with his water color style artwork and jagged art style, it’s sure to be a trip for all readers.

You can pick up your copies of The Mice Templar in Trade Papers backs in comic book stories everywhere!