Comic Book Gem: Chew #1

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Why haven’t I talked about this book!? We even interviewed John Layman! The writer of this wonderful wonderful book. Comics R Kewel will be returning in just a few weeks, we’ve been on a hiatus due to vacations and other mishaps…also Bub had a whip.

Chew is set in a world where the FDA is the most powerful force in existence, this happened because of a catastrophic bird flu out break that killed over 23 million people. Now all types of bird meat is illegal, we are confronted with our protagonist Tony Chu (get it?) who’s  a cop and a cibopath, basically that means he has the ability to take a bite of anything and discover what happened to that object or person…yes…he eats people. Tony is on an assignment, trying to find people smuggling delicious delicious chicken. He enters a: I kid you not…BLACK MARKET chicken restaurant on invitation from the U.S. FDA. Gasp! But what soon falls of our hero?

Chew is a fantastic read, every person that I recommend Chew to immediately falls in love with it. Every character has a very unique ability and theres even a luchadore chicken. Words can never describe Chew as John Layman as the writer puts a tone of time and effort into this series, the book has a unique cast of characters and great story arcs to keep everyone begging for more. I will say this though, at first glance the art isn’t really appealing, however after reading it religiously it becomes a fantastic book to look at, Rob Guillory really out does himself with each character and every single bit of the lay out. I guess what I’m trying to say is…yes I’m becoming a fan boy when it comes to this series…Read Chew!

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