Check Out The Trailer For Chiller Film’s Dementia 13

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Now I am going to say something film nerds may not like. I do not enjoy the Francis Ford Coppola directed, Roger Corman produced movie Dementia 13. It has been years since I have seen it, but dear lord! Talk about a snoozefest that is horribly dated! If there was ever a movie to remake, I’d say Dementia 13 is at the top of that list. Well, the fine folks over at Chiller Films apparently shared this thought process (well, the remake part. I’m not sure about their thoughts on FFC’s first feature film) and decided to remake the flick. Which surprisingly hasn’t been done before. Dementia 13 is a public domain flick, meaning that anyone can use the movie or title as they please without having to pay those silly licencing fees. Not exactly a ringing endorsement I know, but you can’t blame Chiller Films for taking a swing at it.  The trailer for Dementia 13 recently dropped and it has peaked my interest. I definitely be adding this one to my Halloween season watch list. Check it out the trailer below.

Chiller Films will be releasing DEMENTIA 13 in Theaters on October 6th and on VOD and Digital HD on October 10th.

SYNOPSIS: A vengeful ghost, a mysterious killer, and a family where everyone has a secret converge in one night of terror in this remake of Francis Ford Coppola’s first feature film.

The film was written by Dan DeFilippo (The Invaders and Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear) and Justin Smith (SiREN, THE BOY), is directed by Richard LeMay (Blood Bound, Naked As We Come) and stars Channing Pickett (Redheads Anonymous), Marianne Noscheze (Horror Time), Christian Ryan (Celebrity Ghost Stories, Casters), Julia Campanelli (116) and Ana Isabelle (The Eyes, Lost Cat Corona).