Check Out The Poster & Trailer For The Returned

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A new year a new slew of zombie flicks to be expected. 2013 did showcase some very cool zombie flick ( The Battery, Dead Weight, Warm Bodies) and with AMC’s Walking Dead breaking records in viewership I don’t think our undead friends are going anywhere.

One flick that has piqued my interested is The Returned. Looks the guy is going for more than just the standard group of people trying to survive approach.   Directed by Manuel Carballo and from the producers behind the [REC] franchise, THE RETURNED will be released in U.S. theatres and VOD day-and-date on February 14, 2014 courtesy of levelFILMS. Zombie flicks are a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


PLOT:  THE RETURNED is set in a post-zombie world where a treatment called the “Return Protein” can stop the spread of the virus if injected quickly after infection, but cannot cure it. With daily injections, the “Returned” are able to live relatively normal lives, but with brutal attacks at the hands of Anti-Return groups and rumors that protein stock is running low, the world is again on the brink of chaos. In the midst of this turmoil are Alex (Kris Holden-Reid) and Kate (Emily Hampshire), a young, successful and enviable couple that are hiding a long held secret – Alex is Returned. Suspicious that a government order for all the Returned to report to a secure medical facility ‘for their own safety’, the couple flees, taking with them all the doses of “Return Protein” they have. Now in a race against the clock and few places to turn, they must face their worst fears and come to grips with the reality that if they are neither human nor zombies, who exactly are the Returned?