Check Out the Key Art & Stills for The Lodgers!

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Brian O’Malley’s first flick Let Us Prey knocked me right the hell out. A brutal trippy ride that pulled no punches. The man was instantly on my radar. Well, we just got word that his follow up flick The Lodgers is will make its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 8th. Now I will say that The Lodgers appears to be a little more “restrained” than Let Us Prey, but so does the Manson Murders. That movie was wild! Nothing wrong with a film maker spreading his wings and trying out new stuff. Check out the stills below and if you are attending TIFF ’17 add this one to your ‘Must See List”

The Lodger Will Have Its World Premiere On Sept 8th at TIFF 17 at the Scotiabank 3

SYNOPSIS:  A gothic ghost story about orphaned twins Edward and Rachel who share a crumbling manor in 1920’s rural Ireland. But they are not alone. They share the house with unseen entities who control them with three absolute rules. As separate fates draw them apart, the twins must face the terrible truth about their family’s ghostly tormentors.