Because Male Anatomy Will Never NOT Be Funny, Check Out the Short Film ‘Trouser Snake’…

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Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is: a monster penis. I’m not acting like I’m above it. Hell, penises are the one of God’s funniest inventions (right after ostriches and Trump supporters… too soon for that joke…) and apparently writer/director Alex DiVincenzo shares my 12 year old sense of humor. He created an entire horror/comedy  short around this and it’s great! Check it our below and Keep an eye on Grimbridge Productions on Facebook to be the first to know about future projects.


Trouser Snake is directed by Alex DiVincenzo, whose previous effort, The Horrors of AutoCorrect, is distributed by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV. DiVincenzo co-wrote the script with composer James Cilano.

Alexander Gauthier, Jamie Lyn Bagley, Michael Thurber, William DeCoff, Monica Saviolakis, and Morgan Walsh star. Special effects artist Jordan Pacheco created and puppeteered the Trouser Snake.