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Check Out the Trailer for IFC Midnight’s Killing Ground!

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When will people learn!?! No good comes from going into the woods. None! Please let me know whenever a driving through a secluded forest, or camping or kayaking has ever yielded any results besides being tortured and then hacked apart!?! Obviously my knowledge of the “great outdoors” comes from movies about the “great outdoors”… Primarily, the movie The Great Outdoors… …

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Trailer: Bound By Debt (2017)

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From the Official Press Release: Paul Mormando’s Bound By Debt Trailer Lands First Punch First Trailer for Martial Arts Sensation Paul Mormando’s new film Bound By Debt hit’s the screen. The new trailer for the hard hitting independent action movie Bound By Debt packs a lot of punch, along with kicks, strikes and chokeholds. The underground film about the underground fight world is …


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The wait is over nerds, the teaser for The Last Jedi has finally dropped. Picking up right with Rey and Luke meeting on that mysterious island, the trailer highlights some Jedi Training, some x-wing dog fights, running, that emo kid that all the girls have a crush one and an ominous warning that maybe this Jedi thing is over rated. …

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Check Out The Trailer For Headshot Starring Iko Uwais

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Anytime the Mo Brothers (Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel) do anything we should pay attention. And I do mean anything. If these two are cooking Ramen Noodles it would most likely be the most relentless and action packed 2 minutes and 45 seconds of your  life. Not to mention the gore effects would be unbelievable! Check out Killers and Macabre …

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Get Lost In ‘The Void’ Poster & Trailer!

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Since Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski announced that they were doing practical effect heavy 80’s throw back, The Void has been one of my most anticipated movies. Jeremy and Steve are part of those crazy Canadian bastards Astron-6 and whatever any of these poutine eating bastards I am on board. If you have seen (and love) Father’s Day, Man-borg, Bio-cop …

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Check Out 8 Bodies On Valentines Day For Free!

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Oh Valentine’s Day! It’s the one day a year you spend it celebrating the love you share with someone special. Of course if they wake up early and catch you wearing their underwear, that love goes from “special” to “creepy”… To help celebrate this holiday of love the folks behind horror/comedy short 8 Bodies is releasing the flick tomorrow for …