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New Spiderman PS4 Trailer at E3!:

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Everyone, as you know Insomniac Games is developing a new Marvel Spider-Man game exclusively for the Ps4! Last night while I was snoozing, they decided to show new gameplay footage during the Sony Press Conference!  Take a look:   I for one am excited to play as Spider-Man for some web slinging goodness around New York! Please follow and like …

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Short Film: Neil Gibson Twisted Dark Ahead Of London Super Comic Con

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I’m at a loss for words right now, Neil Gibson is the brilliant writer of the critically acclaimed book called Twisted Dark! We met this guy at C2E2 and legitimately let me borrow…yes BORROW volume one to read the first 2 stories and see what I thought and…stay tuned. Now, we just received in the mail their new short film …

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New Pop Vinyl Preview Release: RELEASE THE RANCOR!

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So everyone I’m addicted to Pop Vinyls, absolutely love them…if Comics and Pop Vinyls weren’t my addiction I’d probably be on drugs, but I’m not. Anyway, theres a new Pop Vinyl coming out that is sweet and awesome all rolled into one little ball! FREAKING RANCOR THREE PACK! It comes with Luke, and Oola and of course THE FREAKING RANCOR! Yeah …

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Awesome News: Local Livonia Woman is selling a Custom Batmobile Nitro!

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Do you hate when boyfriends cheat? What you say you’re a guy reading this and you have a girlfriend? Oh, but you’ve been cheated on right? Yes? Okay then same difference. Anyway, recently we have discovered a rare glimpse into the land of where Slack Jaw Punks has originated, turns out there’s a custom Nitro car that could be right …