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MOVIE REVIEW: Ghosts of Darkness

In Movies, Reviews by Piper1 Comment

***Disclaimer: Spoilers to Follow*** Ghosts of Darkness follows two men who are recruited to stay in a house for three nights to debunk a legend that the house is haunted. Actor and Matt Bomer look-alike Michael Koltes stars as Jack Donovan, an investigator who despises psychics and making his film debut, British comedian Paul Flannery who stars as a Jonathan Blazer, …

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INTERVIEW: Writer/Director: Chris Smith

In Interviews, Movies by Bub Smith4 Comments

Ahead of the UK premiere of his latest film DETOUR at Horror Channel FrightFest Glasgow, Chris Smith tells us the importance of FrightFest, his love of ‘film Noir’ and  his hatred of reality TV… FrightFest has premiered all your genre movies CREEP, SEVERANCE, TRIANGLE, BLACK DEATH, except GET SANTA obviously. Is this positioning an important part of the rollout process …

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Love Gone Wrong

In Movies, Random Rants by Peggy3 Comments

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That time of year when love is in the air, Cupid is flittering about with his quiver of arrows, and people in general are swept up in the Hallmark™ hysteria involving candy, flowers, jewelry, and a whole lotta ‘bow-chicka-bow-wow’. I’m not here to talk about that kinda love. I’m here to shed some light on that lesser …

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Trailer: Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror reunite in Jesse V. Johnson’s SAVAGE DOG

In News, Trailers by Corey3 Comments

Since I first heard about this film early last year, it’s been difficult to contain my excitement over seeing action superstars Scott Adkins (Doctor Strange) and Marko Zaror (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) reuniting onscreen for the first time since 2010 in Isaac Florentine’s UNDISPUTED III: REDEMPTION. This time out, they’re being directed by Jesse V. Johnson (THE BEAUTIFUL …

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In Movies, Reviews by David Grimes1 Comment

Despite what some may say or think, I am a big horror fan. I love a good horror flick that can chill me to the bone, make me question every creek and bump in my house, and wake me up several times during the night because the film got to me in such a way that it just crept into …

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MOVIE REVIEW: Hollow Point

In Movies, Reviews by Bub Smith4 Comments

Patrick Wilson is shaping up to be this generation’s Kevin Bacon. This is neither a disparaging comment on both Wilson and Bacon’s work. They are both (in my worthless opinion) fantastical actors and Bacon is still alive and turning out badass movies! Check out Jon Watt’s Cop Car for Kevin Bacon in all his Bacon-ness (I now want a BLT …