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Interview: 13 Coin’s Martin Brennan

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13 Coins, coming out this Wednesday , is a book that explodes with violence and color. I’ve been following this book online for a while. It was first made available through Corinthian digitally, luckily for us all Titan Comics has picked the series. It’s from the twisted minds of Eisner award-winning artist, Simon Bisley, and the screenwriters of Hitman: Absolution …

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INTERVIEW: Ernie Hudson

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Duff here… Recently I was able to get a few questions into Mr. Ernie Hudson, aka Winston Zeddemore from the Ghostbusters. For a Ghostbusters Fan Boy such as myself this is a huge thrill. Hudson is known for being very gracious with his fans, appearing at many comic cons, through his website,, where you can purchase autographed photos, and …

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Interview: Michael Jai White

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Duff here…a while back I had the chance to chat with Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White. First of, I love what this guy does on screen. If he would’ve been in films in the action hey day of the 80’s he’d be just as big as Stallone or Arnold. But he wan’t, luckily for us he’s slowly brining back …

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Pierogies and Beer With Three Corpse Circus Festival Director Christopher Anderson

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Michigan is home to only two major film festivals: Ann Arbor Film Festival and Cinetopia International Film Festival. If you are a regular visitor to this site (or sites like ours) you probably have no idea about these festivals. I don’t mean that in a cool hipster “I was into them before they were popular” way. It’s just the two …

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SJFB’s Misadventures at Walker Stalker Con (Pt.1)

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On June 13th – 15th, Boston fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead got a hell of a treat when Walker Stalker Con came to the area. You may be asking yourself, “this was, like, almost two months ago, why the fuck is he talking about it now?!?” The answer is simple. Walker-Stalker Con is an ongoing convention that you can still …