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Drunken Monkey Movie Review Series – Puppet Master IV: The Demon (1993)

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All righty. Here we are with Part IV. I couldn’t remember if I saw this one until Gordon Currie’s character showed up. But even then I didn’t remember the big demon guy watching over everything. Which tells you something about him…despite the ridiculous rubber suit, he’s pretty forgettable. Anyway, let’s get into it! REMINDER: I may reveal spoilers since my editor …

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Forever A Legend: George A. Romero

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“God changed the rules. That’s the only explanation I need. No more room in hell.” – George A. Romero I should be doing research for an upcoming interview or writing a review for a film I watched earlier but the fact is, I can’t concentrate. The world has lost one of its’ greatest and most influential filmmakers: George A. Romero. …

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Valiant Reveals Second Wave of NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE Covers – Striking Into Shelves This Summer!

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Hey guys! Check it out, Valiant is getting a TV show later this year with: Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe, with all of your favorite characters! The cast…is amazing, let me tell you. But instead of me telling you, take a look at the new Valiant Variants that are being released with all of your favorite characters…with the live action …

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PODCAST #202: Michael Rooker Live From Motor City Comic Con 2017

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In this episode Bub is riding solo. No Matt or Jay, but don’t worry Bub is bringing along his old pals Michael Rooker and Aaron Poole. First up Bub has audio from a press conference Mr. Rooker held before MCCC 2017. Michael talks about making GoG, working with James Gunn and killing of his character, Merle, on The Walking Dead. …

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I’m Mary Poppins, Y’all: Michael Rooker Is As Cool As You Think! (Motor City Comic Con)

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Michael Rooker is one of the coolest actors around right. Between supporting roles on The Walking Dead and in Guardians of the Galaxy, you’d think Mr. Rooker would be sitting high on the genre throne, but that’s a seat Rooker has been sitting on for years. Fans of the genre know that Michael Rooker is one of the all times …

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Silicon Valley S4E5: Blood Boy

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“You dick, you dick, you dick,” exclaimed Jared(or Donald) at what can only be described as an Adonis pretty boy offered yet another humanizing moment for the lovable assistant. But, I’m not here today to discuss the developments on this week’s episode of Silicon Valley, aptly entitled “Blood Boy.” Rather, I want to take this opportunity to dive deeper into …