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Comic Book Review: The Shield #1

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1776 was the Revolutionary War! Where ‘Merica claimed it’s independence from Great Britain, go ‘Merica! But enough about how patriotic we can get, lets go look at The Shield #1. We open up with our hero The Shield assisting in the Revolutionary War of 1776 and attacking some British soldiers….but she dies, and that’s the end of the book! Just …

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Comic Book Review: The Fox #3

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See look, I was in Vegas and now that I’m back…I have to do this…stop making me do things… The Fox #3 leaves off with Paul (The Fox) searching for his son Shinji (The Ghost Fox) within the twenty four hours (it’s weird that one month is 24 hours in comic book time.) As he’s searching he talks with his …

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Black Hood #3 Out Today!

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Duff here… Black Hood is like stepping into a Charles Bronson film, written by John Milius, and directed by Sam Peckinpah. It’s gritty, violent and boiling over with testosterone. Duane Swierczynski’s script is ballsy and the art of Michael Gaydos, Rachel Deering, Kelly Fitzpatrick echo’s the mean streets of Taxi Driver with a detail to realism not see enough. This …