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INTERVIEW: Dan Hill writer of Go Home

In Alterna, Comic Books, Interviews by Iron Squid2 Comments

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was wonderfully fattening, now that your tummies have been filled up, check out this interview from the awesome writer Dan Hill, he is here to talk about Alterna Comics: Go Home!   For those of us reading this, can you explain Go Home to everyone? Sure thing. Go Home follows a young sailor, Husk, as he washes …

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Comic Book Review: Go Home #1

In Alterna, Comic Books by Iron Squid3 Comments

Every veteran has a story to tell, whether you listen or not is up to you, but one thing is for certain….not every story is told. Dan Hill from Alterna Comics writes a beautifully dark side of war that not a lot of stories touch on..the lone soldier. This is Go Home. We follow the story of a soldier with …

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Comic Review: THE BLACK HAND Collection

In Alterna, Comic Books, Comic of The Week by Beyond The GeekLeave a Comment

This week Alterna Comics releases a digital collection of their 4-part miniseries The Black Hand . Written and created by Erica J. Heflin, and featuring the art of Fares Maese, Wes Locher, Jim MacQuarrie, James O’Callaghan; The Black Hand is nice cocktail of Medieval fantasy and paranormal. The tale revolves around sword wielding beauty Victoria Addair, who after a brush …

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Comic Book Review: The Chair

In Alterna, Comic Books, Reviews by Just BobLeave a Comment

At first glance, The Chair doesn’t seem like much at all, with its rudimentary drawings and black and white to boot was nothing short of a rare gem. Written by Peter Simeti and penciling by Kevin Christensen. It started off as an A-typical prisoner, claiming to be innocent like they all do and turning out to be a total mind fuck in …

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Comic Review: Zombie Attack in MOTHER RUSSIA!

In Alterna, Comic Books by Michael CieslakLeave a Comment

There is no denying that zombies have entered the cultural zeitgeist. They are in the movies, on TV, video games and in books of the fiction, non-fiction, and comic varieties. They have been placed in just about every setting imaginable, from the city to the country, from modern America to Victorian England and even outer space. In Mother Russia, Jeff …