Catching Up With Rogue Warrior Star Tracey Birdsall

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Tracey, how excited are you for Rogue Warrior to finally hit?

The whole process has been truly exciting! Although my favorite part of a film is the actual creation and shooting process, seeing it come to life and people enjoying it is the icing on the cake.

I think we saw the first images about a year and half ago, what’s been happening since then? Do some more shooting? New characters?

After principal photography completed, the director (Neil Johnson) went all Peter Jackson on me – in a good way. If he wasn’t satisfied with a scene or a shot, we shot it again. If he had a more epic location idea, we shot it again. If the scenes needed something new, we did it again. I’m sure we shot at least another 60 days after wrapping production, but it was truly spectacular to dig so deeply into the art of movie creation – and just keep improving on the film.

Several cast members were added in this post-shooting phase also. This started because we had some re-shoots and one of the actresses not only didn’t come to re-shoots, she never even called us back. We tried several times, and then had to just completely re-shoot most of her scenes with new cast. All in all, however, the film improved drastically because of this minor mishap.

Although it’s been completed and delivered as of September 2016 – when Sony decided to distribute it, they had their own plans on release dates, etc. We just had to wait until now…

As we were in post on another film which we shot prior to Rogue Warrior, we started on the re-shoots and additional scenes for that film (The Time War). We have so far shot an additional almost 80 days on that film, including 20 days of shooting in England.

There’s been talk that this is a start of a franchise, is that still the case?

We are definitely developing the television series which follows. That’s next up as soon as The Time War is completed.

What can fans expect from Rogue Warrior & from your character?

Rogue Warrior delivers for science fiction fans, as it’s a truly remarkable journey amongst earth and other worlds – with a lot of amazing visuals. For people who enjoy a deep character-driven journey, there is an amazing journey Sienna goes through of self-discovery and realization. The feedback that we’ve had from those who have seen it is that sci-fi fans and regular filmgoers will all enjoy the journey.

How much does a theatrical release mean to you?

It used to be more common to have a theatrical release than it is now. That said, it’s always nice to see it on the big screen – especially in 4K! I just like that people watch it, enjoy it, and it gets immortalized in the sci-fi world – no matter how the release happens (there’s a lot of really amazing platforms for release now). I’m always onto the next project by then… creating a new character, a new journey.

Thanks Tracey!

Rogue Warrior is out on all streaming platforms and also available at Wal-Mart!

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