Captain America 3 Includes Robert Downey Jr. and Civil War

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The film that was originally set to debut the same weekend as DC/ WB’s big battle movie, Batman v. Superman, looks like it’s going to set up a big screen bout of it’s own. Robert Downey Jr is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Captain America 3 which, in turn, will bring the Marvel storyline of Civil War into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

“Why is this an important storyline to bring onto the big screen?”, you may ask. Well, not only is it one of the biggest events to happen in Marvel Comics, but it will also pit Chris Evans’ Captain America against Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. In the comics, a super-powered incident causes an uproar and forces the U.S. Government to enact a Superhero Registration Act, which is opposed by Captain America and his group, while Iron Man backs the plan alongside his group. Needless to say, the two groups fight on several occasions and the consequences of those fights lead to casualties on both sides. But, I won’t get into that and spoil it for non-readers.

One complaint I have about this story line being rushed into the MCU, is that we haven’t really seen the two become friends yet. In the comics, Iron Man and Cap were friends (nee BFFs) before this event happened and it rocked the core of the Avengers. In the movies, they’ve barely shared screen time together and when they have, they’ve basically been at each other’s throats (trading one-liners in The Avengers). Also, if this is how they deal with Captain America 2’s semi-cliffhanger ending, what will become of Bucky/ The Winter Soldier? Will they neglect him until a tie-in or give him his own movie?

Civil War

This could also, however, bring truth to the rumors of Sony being in talks with Marvel about incorporating Spider-Man into the MCU. Especially now that Adi Granov, who’s known for his concept and cover art as well as lending his talents to the Iron Man: Extremis storyline which was loosely adapted into Iron Man 3, has released a promotional look at a comic event that will being happening in the summer of 2015. Now that Marvel has tied Age Of Ultron into the comic world, it’s time they reboot Civil War so it resembles it’s big screen counterpart. But that’s just hearsay by an overly supporting fan. Either way, we here at SJP will keep you updated on everything as we hear about it.

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