C2E2 INTERVIEW!: John Myers of Typodmary Comics and Art!

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Hey everyone, these are coming in a little late, what with all the hecticness of still gathering our C2E2 stuff, however Piper has THREE, that’s right three interviews for all of you! We will be doing that and I’ll be posting them for him. First up is a guy we actually met on a bus on our way to C2E2….as creepy as that sounds, it turned out he wasn’t a creeper and was really John Myers of Typodmary comics and art! What does he, have to say?

Word Bank:

JM: John Myers

P: Piper.


P: Hey Comics R Kewel Fans this is Piper on day one at C2E2, and I’m here with John Myers of Typodmary comics based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. John is the writer, co-founder and co-owner of the publishing company. John how are you doing today man?

JM: I’m great super excited!

P: So, tell me about the comic that you have set up here, what’s it called?

JM: So, we got three..we got All The Growing Things, which is our story about the older lady who finds monsters in her garden and discovers a whole underground conspiracy of talking cats and occultists. The Vagus Street which is sort of a collection of loosely connected ghost stories about a haunted housing complex and The Era of Great Wonders which is sort of a Young Adult action adventure story about giant monsters and it’s told from a few peoples surviving through the giant monster war.



P: That’s awesome, now do you write for all the series or do you just write for one?

JM: I wrote The Vagus Street and The Era of Great Wonders and Jenn my partner, wrote and drew All The Growing Things. 



P: That’s really cool, how long have the series been out?

JM: All The Growing Things I think we started putting on the web in like 2008, and we kind of published and put the first one out around 2010, Era we just started publishing around 2015, so that’s just coming out now, we started it last year.

P: Okay, that’s really cool…that’s so cool, (Piper says really cool a lot) Now I see you’ve got so art work set up, tell me a little about this.



JM: So right now we’ve got a couple different prints, we’ve got some Borderlands prints, cause that’s kind of the fan art that draws people in. Then we’ve got some of Jenns’ original art, we’ve got the worm gunner who’s sort of a science fiction character with machine guns, made out of worms, there’s an octopus print she did, there’s also some pages from All The Growing Things. 


JM: Yeah, this is one I really like a lot, which is the Skeleton King who’s going to be the cover for issue seven of All The Growing Things. When we get that out.

P: Okay, now All The Growing Things, tell me a little about that one, you mentioned that it’s based on an older woman who finds things growing in her garden and there’s a conspiracy, how long has that series been going on?

JM: That one has been going on since, I think about 2008, we started putting it on the web then, it was very slowly coming out. Print I think like: 2014-2015 something like that so, when we started doing cons and sort of getting around town, and locally and sort of across the country and stuff like that.


P: So it was primarily a digital comic and then it came to print?

JM: Yeah, absolutely so we started out digitally posting to our website, you can still read the whole thing on our website, and then we got the money together to do a small print run, and then going to cons and stuff like that.

P: Nice, now how many trades and issues do you have out for that?

JM: So the first collection, the first trade has the first five issues in it. Which is about 140 pages, and then there’s a sixth issue out right now, that’s stand alone and we should have a seventh issue out in a couple of months.

P: That is so cool, that is really cool, I love the art work and the imagery and..it just looks awesome. Guys stay tuned for more C2E2, John thank you so much for coming on!


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