C2E2 Interview: Christina Barr from Ninja Dust Publishing!

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Piper met a girl….she’s a publisher, but Piper met a girl! There are girls at comic book conventions believe it or not, and he met an awesome one, she is Christina Barr from Ninja Dust Publishing!

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P: Hey Comics R Kewel fans, this is Piper again at C2E2: I’m here with Christina Barr of Ninja Dust Publishing she is the owner, writer and illustrator of the production company, how are you doing today?

CB: I’m doing great thank you!

P: So, tell me a little bit about Ninja Dust Publishing, I like the title first off. Tell me a little bit about it, like the history and how it got started.

CB: Well, Ninja Dust is from the first book I published, Super Kid which is about a kid with a crazy imagination, and he believes that one of the ingredients that God used to make him was ninja dust. So when I was trying to figure out a title I thought that would be something really cool, and fun and unique, and very personal to me so, everyone always loves it and asks. So I think I made the right choice, but i’ve always loved to write.


When I got out of high school I decide to just start writing novels, especially inspired and inspiration by the huge movement with the young adult novels that were coming out, so I went ahead and wrote my first one “Superficial” which should coming out by the fall, that was my baby so I had to wait on that, then I wrote another one and then another one and I kept writing and then my dad and my older sister said “Well why don’t you go ahead and try to do it yourself, and to get it published.” I was over come with so much apprehension and fear at the moment and I cried a few fear tears and I’m like “I’m just gonna go ahead and do it” so I did and my first book that I published was Superkid, and that’s my most friendly and happy, and that’s my kid one. Then I don’t know it just got dark romantic from there.



P: Oh! Okay, when did that get put out?

CB: Um, 2011? I think.

P: Okay, so not to far back, so Superkid was your first series, is that still continuing?

CB: Mmhmm, Yeah actually someone came by my table and asked “wheres the sequel?” and I’m like “I’m sorry it’s half way done.” It doesn’t end on a cliff hanger or anything, it’s a series and I’m about half way done with the sequel and theres going to be about 3 or 4 of them. But that one is based off the crazy stories about my dad, cause he used to pray to god to become super boy and he was stronger than everybody in the class, he thought god was answering his pray and he tried to show off his strength to all the kids and it didn’t turn out so well. He had a big imagination so I was like “I’m going to take your crazy stories and I’m going to make money off it.”

P: That’s funny, so I noticed you have more series, tell me a little about those as well under your  company.


CB: Well, one of my favorite series right now is Almost Alive, it’s about a girl who comes back from the dead and she did not come back alone, there’s actually a demon that’s trying to fight its way to take over her body, and she meets someone who’s actually in a similar situation and he shows her like a spiritual side of life and educates her on the world of the supernatural and ends up training her, and he’s like  “I’ll help you, if you help me.” They also being a hesitant romance, at first she hates him, but of course they always hate each other before they end up liking each other. It’s very witty and sarcastic and dark. A lot of people pick it up and are like “that’s scary” and I’m like “Come on!!!”

Another series, the one I just released my newest one: “Phases of a Broken Sky” thats about a girl named jessie who has very protective parents, which is a result of having her brother pass away when she was young, and she decides she has to leave and go across the country to college or else she isn’t going to have healthy relationships in her life. She ends up meeting a hitch hiker who is also headed out west and she ends up helping him get across the country cause she was abandoned and stranded and he helped her. But it turns out they actually share something from their past that she really didn’t remember at first. So they have this thread of destiny tying them together, but he’s actually trying to get out west because he’s transitioning to be a werewolf and he’s trying to kill his sire, who’s his ex best friend now.

P: Just a tangled web of drama!

CM: I Like drama, dramas sexy! I don’t know I like drama!

P: So that’s cool, so how many books are out in that series?


CM: That ones the first one that’s out, but it’s called the Cursed Moon Series, and there’s actually going to be other series that tie to it, I’m working on a vampire one and once they have their books set up, they are going to intertwine. So this is like a long plan I have going on, but it’s definitely worth getting on the train now.

P: Nice, so it is kind of like a fictional shared universe that you have set up for all of these stories and characters.

CB: In the Cursed Series yes, everything else is not connected, but just that one so far.

P: Okay, so then just a little bit. I see that there is art work on the back, that’s pretty of cool!

CB: The art work is actually my youngest sisters, she does these really cool text portraits, you can check it out at Tina’s Text Portraits and she also does a lot of oil paintings as well, she’s really talents and she’s my ride or die, I drag her along the country with me, we went to Arizona together in a car for days and we just go every where, she’s a big help.

P: That’s really nice! You told me you guys are based out of Michigan, where in Michigan exactly?

CB: Metro Detroit area, but I grew up in Pontiac, so I’m out of Pontiac and Lansing.

P: It’s really cool to meet other Michigan people here!

CB: Yeah it was, it was kind of odd that you are also from Michigan as well, but I guess it’s not that far, but it was only 3 hours from me!

P: Well, anyway thank you so much for taking the time to interview! this is really cool, I’m excited to see what else comes out!

CB: Thank you, actually I have a goal to  finish 30 books by the time I’m 30, so I have 15 that are already done and completed they just need to be published, so I have 3 busy years to pump out the other 15 but I got more then enough ideas.

P: Cool, thank you so much for taking the time!


Well folks! That was Christina Barr from Ninja Dust Publishing, she seems like a rather sweet girl. If you’re interested in checking out her work, you can visit her website at:

Ninja Dust Publishing