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Hello everyone, I’d like to take a moment to inform everyone that this is a book review…yes…I can read other things besides just comics and graphic novels. I DO read regular books, and this time I’m taking a look at Wayward Astronomer.

Written by Geoffrey Thomas, a man who literally wings the entire book, dives into a colorful and vibrant world of DreamKeepers with our lovable raptor astronomer: Hal Adhil, with his friend and fellow Astronomer by his side. They set up shop on a mountain far from the city of Anduruna  to study the stars and the mysteries of life, and there Hal is able to indulge in his forbidden DreamKeeper ability: The ability to see all forms of light!


When a meteor lands on the mountain side near Hal and Miri, they head out to find it, unfortunately when they arrive at the scene of the meteor Hal and Miri uncover  dark conspiracy that will put all of Anduruna in danger of being destroyed, now Hal must rely on old friends and enemies save those he has lost and uncover the mystery of the meteor that caused Hal so much suffering.

Praise onto Geoffrey Thomas for “The Wayward Astronomer,” it’s an imaginative and breathtaking experience that pits one raptor against a giant force of evil. Geoffrey Thomas paints a beautiful picture of the world of Anduruna and has the ability to make you feel like you are walking right next to Hal on his dark journey into the unknown. What sets The Wayward Astronomer from other fantasy action books is the author’s unique way of developing a strong relatable plot and characters.

In the first act Miri gets kidnapped and taken by an evil cult, Hal Adhil our lovable raptor is not some Bruce Willis action hero with a thirst for adventure and heroism, Hal does not spring into action and become an angry raptor of pure adrenaline and “A raptors gotta do, what a raptors gotta do,” attitude, instead Hal heads to the police like a level headed…raptor. Hal, is easily relatable, as he feels the pressure of knowing that he has to save Miri, but he has no way to truly knowing how and even when he does know how its still a slim chance it will work and he does not want to do it anyway.

The Wayward Astronomer continues to breathe life into his story with away with passion and sense, each character is crafted to be easily understood and have an emotion and personality. Johnny, a rainbow mohawk zebra, and one of Hals closest friends owns an underground casino and Cassi, a panther, owns a brothel. Both characters would be depicted as horrible, tough, sleaze balls. But Wayward Astronomer depicts them as friends of Hal and care for his well-being, instead of just regular business partners.

Another interesting thing to note is the entire book has Illustrations done by the famous David Lillie the creator of the DreamKeepers Lore, making this book officially cannon and a part of the expanded universe. David Lillie’s Illustration’s bring a sense of immersion into the book, with each chapter ending with a beautiful drawing of an important plot development or just an introduction of a character, which allows you to picture the characters more fluidly and gives you a small glimpse into the underbelly of Anduruna even more!

The Wayward Astronomer, can be a little bit slow in the beginning, but once you get past that, you are brought into a world of love, friendship, a rainbow mohawk Zebra, and betrayal. Geoff ability to craft a coherent and intriguing story and David Lillie’s beautiful illustrations makes this a fantastic read for anyone who is fans of the DreamKeepers world to someone who just enjoys fantasy novels!



You can pick up The Wayward Astronomer in stores early May!

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