Blu Ray Review: The Mind’s Eye

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A couple of years back writer/director Joe Begos put out the ultra-low budget sci-fi/horror flick ‘Almost Human’ and I hated it.  Hate may be a tad strong, but what Begos was attempting was WAY out of his wheelhouse and while the heart was there, the movie suffered. Although, I have to give Begos credit, the man has balls the size of Tuscan for even attempting a high concept flick like that and God bless him, Begos’ manhood is as vibrate as ever (A SJP first: complimenting a director’s genitals, instead of wishing harm upon them…). Begos is back at the high concept genre flicks with The Mind’s Eye and this time I have everything BUT hate for it, a long-lost cousin to the early film’s of Cronenberg… If Cronenberg was on some weird quest to out ‘Cronenberg’ himself.


Zack (Graham Skipper) was born with amazing pyschokinetic powers (The ability to move stuff with his mind). Because he is a man who can move things with his mind (something that if any of us saw happen, we would never stop talking about it!), the wrong people take interest. Zack, along with his long time friend, Rachel (Lauren Ashley Carter), ends up a prisoner of Dr. Slovak (John Speredakos) who is running a shady experiment to harvest their powers for himself. After the two bust out and hit the road, Dr.Slovak will stop at nothing to these two back to the lab to continue his twisted experiments and steal Zack’s powers for himself.

Joe Begos is director all genre directors should take note of. What this man pulled off on a micro budget is unbelievable. The Mind’s Eye is a SFX shmorgishborg of gore and mayhem and it’s enough to satisfy the most harden gore hounds. We are talking Scanners level of greatness. Heads split in two, gun shots and all the telekinetic craziness  you would except (plus so much more). This of course leads to a climax that will go down as the most badass psychokinetic battle ever! Begos is able to make a small film feel huge.

The Mind’s Eye is more than just a practical effect demo reel. Begos has a damn impressive cast here to fill in the time between slinging the red stuff. Graham Skipper is the center of the movie and carries this beast. Skipper can go from ‘deer in the highlights’ to ‘I’m going to crush your head like a cantalope’ at the drop of a dime. Even though this is Skippers show that’s not to take away from the supporting cast. Lauren Ashley Carter is (as always) fantastic and the perfect love interest. Larry Fessenden as Zack’s father and of course delivers some scene stealers. As far as villains go, Dr. Slovak is the best (worst?) of the year. Speredakos nails it as power-hungry monster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Jeremy Gardner (The Battery, Tex Montana Will Survive) and Noah Seagan) round out Slovak’s henchmen and (as always with these two) are fantastic. ME is an assembled cast of current genre favorites.


This is a must own Blu-ray, that will fit proudly on any collectors shelf right next to your copy of Scanners. The movie looks fantastic in HD and Begos sound and light design enhances the telepathic battles. A warning at the beginning of the film recommends people sensitive to light inducing seizure not to watch, should not be taken lightly, but I firmly believe that this approach is a must and helps make the movie what it is. An outstanding flick that feels like one of those movies that made me fall in love with the genre, but is so much more than just a ‘homage movie’. I was completely wrong about Joe Begos. He is a director that knows exactly what he is doing and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

The Mind’s Eye is available on Blu-Ray and DVD Right Now!

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