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A fantastic creature feature on Blu-Ray or an amazing Fan Theory? You decide!

It’s the holiday season horror fans and I’m sure you, just like myself, are up to your sick minded heads with stress and everything else that comes with the holidays. whether it’s where to find the new Nintendo system that everyone’s going nuts over ( even though with a little bit of research and smarts you can create and mod your own better version for way cheaper) or stressing over the fact that uncle Ricky is coming into town and needs a place to crash and it looks like he just might be heading your way. Whatever it is that’s got you down this season, I’m here to tell you that you deserve something special this year, and Arrow Video has recently released something amazing for you or any other friend of horror you might know of.


The Blu Ray of 1984’s amazing creature feature simple known as “C.H.U.D.” Or “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers”

Never seen it? Where ya been?!? This movie is a straight up classic! I won’t bore you with a ton of details but the basic plot involves creatures living in the sewers underneath New York and they are attacking and murdering innocent people all over the city in a grueling and violent fashion.

Doesn’t sound like your Cup of Tea? Well what if I was to tell you that this movie stars none other than John Heard and Daniel Stern!! Why do those names sound familiar?? Well once again if you are anything like me then you know these two from the holiday classic from John Hughes “Home Alone”.

Also be on the look out for early appearances from amazing actors like a super young and handsome,John Goodman playing a police officer, A small extra part played by Actress Patricia Richardson, (you might remember her as Jill Taylor from Tim Allen’s hilarious sitcom from the 90’s “Home Improvement”) also a news reporter played by the almost unrecognizable great character, Jon Polito (RIP).

The people over at Arrow Video have outdone themselves with this release. The movie looks and sounds absolutely amazing, and is packed with tons of special features such as

Two different  versions of the film, Theatrical cut (88 mins) and the Integral cut (98 mins).
Two different audio commentaries(one with the films composers and another with the cast and crew that is absolutely hilarious)

An extended shower scene (for you freaks out there looking for some nudity)
2 different interviews, one with creature designer, John Caglione Jr. and another featuring production designer,William Bilowit.
A look into all the film locations around New York City led by “We Are Still Here” director, Ted Geoghegan and former editor-in-chief of Fangoria Magazine, Michael Gingold.


Try this on for size.

Still not interested?? Well how about this, for the past few years I have come up with a little fan theory revolving around this movie and a childhood favorite of mine, “Home Alone.”

Now as you read earlier, you know that “C.H.U.D” stars John Heard and Daniel Stern, who both would later star in “Home Alone”.

Now C.H.U.D takes place in NYC and Home Alone is in Chicago, so sometime after the events that take place in C.H.U.D, John Heard gets married and moves his family out to the Midwest. Once established with a nice home in suburbia, John Heard decides to pack up his family and head to Florida for the holidays leaving his home left to be burglarized by none other than “The Wet Bandits” (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) but they are met with demise when Johns forgotten son is left behind to guard the house. Now what if it was all a big set up? A big ploy set up by John Heard when he called his old buddy Daniel Stern from NYC and set it all up only to go south when John and his family are too stupid to realize they left their youngest son back at home?? I know I’m stretching it a little, but IDK, I think it’s fun way to look at these movies, Plus in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, We learn that John has a Brother in New York that Kevin could go and stay with. Also it would make sense because why else would the newly named “sticky bandits” re-locate to NYC after breaking out of a Chicago jail besides returning home after a botched break-in attempt at an old friends house in the Midwest?

It’s a silly fan theory that definitely doesn’t fully make sense but almost makes enough sense for me to have my new C.H.U.D Blu-Ray release from Arrow Video right next to my copies of Home Alone 1 & 2 on my shelf.

It’s dumb but whatever.

Enjoy the holidays.

Pick up the “C.H.U.D” Blu-ray from Arrow Video available now.