Blood Drive S1E2: Welcome to Pixie Swallow…or Where’s the Beef?

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Gas tank filled? Seat belts on? We are ready to go for another leg of the Blood Drive!

With the utter absurdity and pure, visceral chaos episode 1 served up could the fine folks at Midnight Grindhouse deliver with episode 2? HOLY F*CK YES THEY CAN! NOTE: this will be Spoiler-Free but if you want a complete episode by episode breakdown, check out the NEW Burning Blood: The Blood Drive Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and of course right here on

“Welcome to Pixie Swallow” picks up on day 2 of the Blood Drive race at the stop in Arizona. We open following a plucky blonde waitress as she taps each table at a truck stop diner and eventually makes her way back to the kitchen when we get our first taste of this week’s grindhouse homage: CANNIBALS! That’s right, the special ingredient in all those delicious steaks in burgers is actually human flesh and the patrons are non-the-wiser!

Think Blood Drive will stop there? No a chance! Heart Enterprises involvement and oversight is slowly peeled by through two sub-arcs: Julian Slink gets a performance review and Christopher goes exploring in the basement. Meanwhile, our hero power-couple Gracie and Arthur and the other racers are enjoying some R&R and a bite to eat in Pixie Swallow.  A more intimate looking into the relationship of The Gentleman and The Scholar may be the wince-inducing highlight if not for the introduction of Rib Bone’s new partner, Caligula, and Slink’s release of some “workplace frustration.”

I cannot stress enough how completely over-the-top insanity this show is. It’s bloody, it’s gore drenched, it’s violent all marinated overnight in sex then slow cooked to perfection then dipped in an au jus of entrails and served with a side of WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE F*CK! These first two episodes have left me wondering how much money was shelled out to get the TV censoring fun-govs to look the other way.  Blood Drive just continues to fire on all cylinders and it is absolutely intoxicating and the cable programming we never knew we needed in our life.

Blood Drive airs Wednesdays on SyFy Channel at 10PM EST. Make sure to check out Burning Blood: The Blood Drive Podcast as Bub and Matt share their favorite moments as they break down each episode.



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