Blood Drive S1E1: The F…. Cop or That Thing Got a Hemi?

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Carnage, Mayhem, Fast Cars, Sex, Ultra-Violence and Severed Limbs!

At the intersection we find ourselves at Blood Drive – the new Midnight Grindhouse series on SyFy depicting a Rat-Race meets Death Race 2000 style event(sans 2001 Mr. Bean) in a dystonia future with a fun twist: the cars run on HUMAN BLOOD! It’s campy, it’s schtick-filled and most importantly – it’s an hour long blast in the face of everything we love at Slackjaw Punks.   Blood Drive, if it keeps its lead foot firmly against the floorpan, could be the bastion of entertainment we have been salivating for amidst the throws-aways and reruns of summer time television programming.  It toes the line of what should easily accessible on TV airwaves and is completely unapologetic about it.

Episode 1 wastes no time getting into the action and pairing our leading man, Arthur(Alan Ritchson), with Gracie(Christina Ochoa) in a cherry red hot rod fueled by high octane hemoglobin.  Julian Slink, the steampunk infused ring master of the Mayhem carnival sets our heroes on a gumball rally-esqe ride from California to Arizona. Meanwhile, unraveling in the background is the introduction to the devious Heart Enterprises which seems to control every facet of living in this reality.

That’s where I’ll leave it because this is a show you NEED to experience. If I didn’t admit to shouting WTF*ck at least every five minutes, I wouldn’t be doing this episode proper service. It’s a well balanced blend of fresh plot and campy homage to grindhouse films of old – right down to the VHS commercial to promote upcoming episodes.  Did I mention the violence and gore? If you have a weak constitution, make sure you have that barf bag handy because the good times keep coming. All I can leave you with is a simple question: how is SyFy getting away with airring this show?!!!

Blood Drive airs on SyFy Wednesdays at 10PM EST.

and in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the season trailer: