The Binge: The Fall

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The Binge is back! Finally, right? Maybe not…anyways Duff here, spouting off what I’ve been binging on Netflix of late…

Have you heard of this one, The Fall? The highest rated BBC2 Drama? Meh, no? If not, please check it out, especially if consume shows about creepy rapist, murders whom are impossible to catch, cause that’s The Fall in a nut shell.

Gillian Anderson, (forever Agent Scully to me), stars in this dark physiological detective thrill Fest. Anderson superbly plays Superintendent Stella Gibson, a senior police officer sent from London to Belfast to investigate a string of high profile unsolved murders. It’s only under her cunning eye that a connection is drawn between murders of these young professional women. Anderson’s character is modeled after Jodie Fosters in the Silence of the Lambs, or William Peterson’s in Manhunter (both stories with Hannibal Lector), uber gifted sleuths, with a hunger for the strange. Anderson’s Gibson is an enigma, she’s blunt, seemly cold. Gibson doesn’t make grand gestures, so don’t expect “aahhh” moments.

Unlike most TV cop and catch shows, our killer, Paul Spector, (Jamie Dornan) is in the foreground the entire time. We are introduced to his family, his workplace, everything. Compared to Gibson, he’s an open book. Of course we are imported into the most caliginous realms of his conscience. A web underachievement, bondage, and voyeurism fuel his thirst power and domination over his prey. Dornan, down right disturbing in the role.

(Ladies, you might not want to watch this before you gallop off to 50 Shades of Gray. Outside of the bondage, I don’t believe the character of Christian Gray….wait..scratch that…if you watch The Fall after 50 Shades, it will make perfect sense. Treat 50 Shades as a prequel, really it might help understand Spector. Doran is defiantly getting typecast.)

In the UK, The Fall has a reputation for being too shocking. Not sure this is the case, but it can be extremely tense and distributing. I didn’t feel that it glorified the actions of Spector. It does, however, present them in a frank and gristly manner, something some audience might not be used to. Critics have liked it enough, Doran was nominated for a BAFTA.

Comparisons to the The Killing have been suggested, I’m Not implying The Fall is a copycat, not in the least, but there some. Especially in the slick production, story telling, and crisp steel shading on every scene (Thank you James Cameron). What separates it is the story. As the case escalates, Gibson might be more obsessed with Spector, than Spector is with his victims. Creating a fascinating dichotomy, which I am sure will only grow in season 2.

If you’re your into first rate thrillers, The Fall is for you. Chances are you’ll gorge on the five episode season in a single sitting like I did.

Season 1 Trailer: Now on Netflix

Season 2 Trailer: Coming to Netflix Soon

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