Batman Arkham Orgins Announced

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Some news on the Batman Arkham games in the video game world today. WB Games Montreal has announced that Batman Arkham Origins will release October 25th, 2013.  The game is a prequel to the other two titles and focuses around eight assassins who are sent to kill Batman. The game is announced for current gen systems only. Not much else is known, but more information is promised soon.

The new title is not being developed by Rocksteady. Newcomers WB Montreal have taken over the reigns for the series. Personally, I think that should make anybody worried when a new developer steps in. It’s a new company, and has some developers whose past experiences include Hulk Ultimate Destruction, one of the best comic games in my opinion. That being said I’ll withhold skepticism for the moment till I see some game play. Hopefully it’s not just some cash in on the franchise.