Back to the Crypt! 2017 TNT Reboot is Dead!

In TV by Matthew Pionk5 Comments

Campy horror is not for the light of heart. Taking on a full scale reboot of easily one of, if not the most beloved campy horror franchise in history is absurd. It comes with no lack of jubilation that the TNT and M. Night Shamalayan attempt at Tales from the Crypt is DEAD!

Word broke earlier today that due to “a complicated rights structure” per TNT per Kevin Reilly.  While this may seem like a blow to the renaissance of horror-centric programing both on the small and silver screens, I believe those of us who stayed up way past out bedtimes to sneak downstairs and attempt to get the static cleared on HBO to be treated to another chilling tale. It’s no mystery that most of us are not fans of reboots – see most episodes of the Slackjaw Punks podcast last year leading up to the release of Ghostbusters:Answer the Call for my ill-guided fanboy over-rants.  Quite simply, there are too many things for TNT and M. Night Shmalayan to royally fuck up. Hopefully this give M. Night more time to focus on what we really want: GLASS!

So we may not be hearing the beloved cackle of the Crypt Keeper in front of a new tale but maybe this will give us all pause and the inspiration to revisit all the classics from the original series that spanned 7 seasons with 93 episodes and three movies: Demon Knight, Bordello of Blood and Ritual.

Hopefully, all we will have to remember this ill-conceived attempt is this trailer:

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