Award-winning post-apocalyptic love story “The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule in No-man’s Land” by Barry Hunt and Tania Myren available for streaming

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For fans of post-apocalyptic cinema, an insanely unique vision from first-time filmmaker Barry Hunt is currently available to stream. THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF ANSE AND BHULE IN NO-MAN’S LAND is like nothing you have ever seen before and you can watch it NOW!!

From the official press release:

Adler and Associates Entertainment, INC. has now released “Anse and Bhule” for streaming on Amazon and Vimeo. The film marks the directorial debut of Barry Hunt, award-winning Artistic Director of Sowelu Dramatic in Portland, Oregon. “Anse and Bhule” cast includes Garfield Wedderburn (MacGyver, Tomorrow Maybe, Grimm, Leverage, Mission: Impossible II), Daniel Hill (Child of the Dead), Lorraine Bahr (Wild, The Librarians, Cabin Fever, Grimm, Dance Party USA) and Kelly Tallent (Anoosh of the Airwaves, The Lower Rooms.)

Winner of Best Cinematography at the 2015 SFFF, “The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule” is a post-apocalyptic, love story following a cult of men as they discover women from a dueling tribe, shattering and transforming each others fears, beliefs and cultures forever. 30 years after “The Bustup” the Prime, Anse (Garfield Wederburn) and his Seer, Bhule (Daniel Hill) set out on a quest to clean the land of creatures riddled with disease. Along the way they encounter Margarette (Lorraine Bahr), an apparently disease addled woman whom they prepare to kill. When she speaks, Bhule is shocked to realize that this is a person and a female. Her daughter Persephone (Kelly Tallent) rushes in to save her mother from these Clubbers. This encounter permanently transforms Bhule’s understanding of the world and his relationship with Anse.

david j. moore, author of “World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies” writes – “I realized with a stark clarity that I was watching something made by master storytellers and visionaries. Over the course of an hour and forty minutes, this film transported me to a fully realized and stunningly written post-apocalyptic future world that was immediately relatable and believable. If you’re ready to see and experience something completely off everyone else’s radar in the post-apocalyptic genre, here is one of the best the genre has to offer.”

“Anse and Bhule” is produced by Sowelu Dramatic and New Market Productions. Release is through Marie Adler at Adler and Associates Entertainment, INC. The film can be viewed at Adler and Associates Entertainment,
VIMEO, and Amazon Prime.