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Comic Book Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7

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For whatever reason, the creative forces behind the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series are bound and determined to drag out its current story arc for as long as humanly possible, by way of both origin-story detours (see Issue #6; basically they created a diversion by putting all Salem’s business out in the street) and waiting an ENTIRE YEARRRR between issues. …

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That’s Why God Made Fathers: How Creepshow and My Dad Helped Me Find Humor in Horror

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“I’m amazed when people are revulsed by horror, or by gore. I giggle and celebrate it…I guess it’s what makes people uptight about, y’know, sexual content or anything like that. C’mon, guys, loosen up!” –George A. Romero, Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow I’ve been a hardcore horror fan since I was old enough to watch and absorb television (so, …

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Comic Book Review: Rock Candy Mountain #1

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References to and versions of the old classic folk tune “Big Rock Candy Mountain” have surfaced in many forms over the decades. Many of us grew up on sanitized versions of the song, the “cigarette trees” and “alcohol springs” of the hobo heaven depicted in its lyrics revised into kid-friendly “peppermint trees” and “lemonade streams.” Anne Hathaway made me love …

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There Can Only Be One T2. (Hint: Not This One.)

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It has literally taken me an entire week to sort through my feelings about T2 Trainspotting. Like every self-respecting Britpop and indie flick-loving Gen Xer in 1996 America, I was obsessed with Trainspotting when Danny Boyle’s film adaptation made its stateside debut in theatres. I was twenty years old, disaffected, grieving the recent loss of my father and looking for …

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Comic Book Review: Loose Ends #1

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Lately, Image Comics seems very into the Dirty South; they’ve been cranking out the gritty, dusty, Southern Gothic tales left and right with a vengeance. And I’m here for that 100%, especially if it’s a good old-fashioned lovers-on-the-run-plus-guns type of story. The latest of these high-quality offerings is the Jason Latour-penned/Chris Brunner-illustrated crime story Loose Ends, which moseys its way …

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Comic Book Review: Curse Words #1

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You have to be at least a little weird to be a fan of Ryan Browne’s work, I’m convinced. I speak from experience. So naturally I was geeked to hear of a new post-God Hates Astronauts Browne-Charles Soule collab. Fresh from his stint as narrator of Browne’s absurdist, surreal-as-fuck superhero epic, writer Soule rejoins forces with the artist for a …

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Comic Book Review: God Country #1

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As we all know, swords and devastating, life-changing storms aren’t exactly anomalies in the world of comics. But what happens when, by way of said storm, the sword falls into the hands of a dementia-stricken elderly man who fully regains his mental and physical faculties any time he wields it? Normally fantasy/superhero stories tend to approach themes of mental and …

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Comic Book Review: Cannibal #4

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If you’re a zombie fan and aren’t reading Image Comics’ new series Cannibal, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. That said, Cannibal transcends the basic zombie story we all know and love, delving into the more complex, emotional and moral side of cannibalism–the human side, if you will–through an ensemble cast of characters residing in the sleepy, Southern Gothic …

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As horror subgenres go, I enjoy a good found-footage film if it’s done right (The Blair Witch Project, Creep, Cannibal Holocaust). Hell, sometimes I enjoy it even more if it’s done wrong (here’s lookin’ at you, Paranormal Activity 4; probably the best $2.50 I ever spent at the Warren Cinemark [RIP]). I find the first installment of the fan favorite …

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Comic Book Review: Reborn #2

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Suppose you died in your old age, awakening only to find yourself in your twenties again, the powerful chosen savior of a fantastic afterlife under fire by dark forces. Suppose the realm in peril was populated by youthful reincarnations of the people of your past, including your long-dead father. And as you explore this alternate life, you have no idea …