Author: Regan Lorie

Comic Book Review: Loose Ends #1

Lately, Image Comics seems very into the Dirty South; they’ve been cranking out the gritty, dusty, Southern Gothic tales left and right with a vengeance. And I’m here for that 100%, especially if it’s a good old-fashioned lovers-on-the-run-plus-guns type of story. The latest of these high-quality offerings is the Jason Latour-penned/Chris Brunner-illustrated crime story Loose Ends, which moseys its way onto store shelves January 25. As the book’s title suggests, Sonny Gibson has some old affairs to settle the night he wanders into Bobbi’s Hideaway, a Carolina dive where his old flame Kim works tending bar. Unfortunately back-road honky-tonks...

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Comic Book Review: Curse Words #1

You have to be at least a little weird to be a fan of Ryan Browne’s work, I’m convinced. I speak from experience. So naturally I was geeked to hear of a new post-God Hates Astronauts Browne-Charles Soule collab. Fresh from his stint as narrator of Browne’s absurdist, surreal-as-fuck superhero epic, writer Soule rejoins forces with the artist for a new series that’s every bit as insanely fanciful and over-the-top as one would expect from this team. Curse Words, which debuts January 18, is the story of Wizord, a displaced (what else?) dark wizard trying to escape the transgressions...

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Comic Book Review: God Country #1

As we all know, swords and devastating, life-changing storms aren’t exactly anomalies in the world of comics. But what happens when, by way of said storm, the sword falls into the hands of a dementia-stricken elderly man who fully regains his mental and physical faculties any time he wields it? Normally fantasy/superhero stories tend to approach themes of mental and overall human frailty in a more metaphorical than literal sense, but God Country, the new series from co-creators Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw (Buzzkill), is not your average tale of swashbuckling hijinks. Not by any stretch. Life is a...

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Comic Book Review: Cannibal #4

If you’re a zombie fan and aren’t reading Image Comics’ new series Cannibal, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. That said, Cannibal transcends the basic zombie story we all know and love, delving into the more complex, emotional and moral side of cannibalism–the human side, if you will–through an ensemble cast of characters residing in the sleepy, Southern Gothic setting of Willow, Florida (now a ghost town in real life). The series attempts to answer questions as to what the outcome would be of an epidemic involving flesh-eating humans with a conscience and a choice of victim; true...

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As horror subgenres go, I enjoy a good found-footage film if it’s done right (The Blair Witch Project, Creep, Cannibal Holocaust). Hell, sometimes I enjoy it even more if it’s done wrong (here’s lookin’ at you, Paranormal Activity 4; probably the best $2.50 I ever spent at the Warren Cinemark [RIP]). I find the first installment of the fan favorite V/H/S series among the more enjoyable entries of its kind, so I was excited to dig into SiREN, a feature-length adaptation of the ultra-creepy “Amateur Night” segment. Distributed by Chiller Films (an affiliate of the cable network of the...

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