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MOVIE REVIEW: Everlasting

 ***Disclaimer: Spoilers to Follow*** Everlasting tell the story of a high school filmmaker named Matt (Adam David) who tries to find answers surrounding the death of his girlfriend Jessie (Valentina de Angelis). The movie starts with some footage of Jessie and Matt using it as part of a senior project. He narrates who Jessie is and how she fits into his project after she died. He narrates on a trip they took when they were together and what he wished he had with her before the unexpected. As cryptic as it gets, the movie does explain itself as it goes....

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MOVIE REVIEW: Ghosts of Darkness

***Disclaimer: Spoilers to Follow*** Ghosts of Darkness follows two men who are recruited to stay in a house for three nights to debunk a legend that the house is haunted. Actor and Matt Bomer look-alike Michael Koltes stars as Jack Donovan, an investigator who despises psychics and making his film debut, British comedian Paul Flannery who stars as a Jonathan Blazer, a psychic on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from Jack. The movie starts off with a woman telling her daughter, who is clearly too old to still be afraid of monsters at this point in her life...

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I went to C2E2 for the first time this weekend and had an incredible experience. Right from the start, I encountered so many unique people who wanted to share their passion of comics with everyone who came through the doors. From the publishers to the cosplayers to the panelists who attended, I saw not only passion but creativity just burst from the show floor. In order to give this review justice to the people I met this weekend, I want to talk about all three days individually. The first day there, I met many independent publishers starting John Myers...

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