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MOVIE REVIEW: Patriots Day

  Bottom Line Up Front: this movie took me through the full gamut of emotions and I did cry. I went into the screening of Patriots Day, the Peter Berg directed film starring Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon and J.K. Simmons, depicting the events leading up to, during and following the Boston Marathon bombing in April of 2013, with discontent. It may be that the memories of the events shown in this film have barely scabbed over or it may be my general disdain for Mark Wahlberg. I can assure you both were quickly cast aside by what...

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Review: THE LOST BOYS #1

Let’s venture back to Santa Carla, California, the back drop for the 1987 cult classic vampire flick, The Lost Boys! Vertigo Comics picks up right where the movie left off: Sam is working in a comic shop, Michael in an old folks home, Emerson is training the Frog Brothers and the quiet coastal town is blood sucker free. The Lost Boys #1 brings readers up to speed with what has been happening since the vampire den of David was destroyed by Sam and the Frog Brothers, saving Michael from a lifetime of neck biting. We are also treated to...

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Review: ROM: Revolution #1

ROM, space knight entrenched in the interstellar hunt for Dire Wraiths, has found his way to Earth. For 200 years, as a member of the Solstar Order, the Elonia native son has tried to stop the destruction of planets from these vile creatures. ROM: Revolution #1 leads into the events of Revolution #1 (also released this month by IDW) as our hero is in pursuit of a being calling itself Axion. The events of Revolution bring together some of the biggest name properties in the IDW stable: Transformers, M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, ROM, the Micronauts, and Action Man(seriously, no Ghostbusters?!)...

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Ever wondered what a world where G.I. Joe, Transformers, ROM, Action Man, and M.A.S.K. square off and team up would look like? Wonder no more! IDW launches Revolution this September and it is filled to the brim with action, excitement and everything you’d want from your favorite titles. Revolution #1 picks up with Ian Noble(Action Man) and Agent Terrance Salmons investigating a distress signal atop Mount Olympus (which readers are assured is an actual place.) Action Man, upon entering Mount Olympus finds a near death ex-G.I. Joe operative, Big Ben, pierced by a mount of purple crystals – which...

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The much anticipated (for better or worse) Ghostbusters refresh hit American soil for mass consumption last evening. Before we venture any further, let’s just address the Stay Puft sized elephant(s) in the room: the trailers are bad, the marketing has been an exercise in futility, and I was not looking forward to this film. Much to my surprise, I did not walk out of the theater in a heated rage and my childhood affection for the original film and cast was left completely intact. I did have quite a few light hearted chuckles, but those were negated quickly by...

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