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DC/Looney Tunes Mashup vol 2017

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We all know that there have been DC/Looney Tunes mashups before and up until this point, they, for the most part, have just been variant covers. Coming “Sometime” this year.  We are not exactly sure when, but sometime this year, DC and Looney Tunes will join forces to entertain and astonish us all.   So far the information is slim, …

Comics R Kewel Holiday Extravaganza : Featuring Dave Lilly (Dream Keepers) Chad, Bob and 3-2-1- Blake

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Well another year gone by and 12-14 more horrible podcasts as we had last year. We end the holiday season with our live commentary of Jngle A11 The W8y  ( Damned copyright bastards)   So sit back, put the movie on to follow us to see some good olde fashioned animal cruelty and how we tear the walls of PC down to find …

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Press Release : DC Comics Presents : Batman #9 “I Am Suicide”

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I Am Suicide begins in BATMAN #9! The next great Batman story,  “I Am Suicide,” begins in BATMAN #9 by Tom King and Mikel Janin this October! In order to save Gotham Girl Batman recruits a team to break into the most impenetrable prison in the world and steal from one of the Dark Knight’s greatest foes… Bane. “She’s been infected by the Psycho …

Press Release: Image Comics Presents : Mayday

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MAYDAY FLIES INTO ACTION A thrilling new series that won’t let you down Critically-acclaimed writer Alex de Campi (NO MERCY, Grindhouse) teams up with artist Tony Parker (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, This Damned Band) and colorist Blond (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) for the Cold War thriller MAYDAY, an all-new series launching this November from Image …

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Press Release: More DC Rebirth still coming in September!

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There’s still more DC Rebirth coming in September! Beast Boy, Starfire, Robin, Raven and Kid Flash are back in action! Last to debut, but certainly not least, TEEN TITANS: REBIRTH #1 is one of the final DC Rebirth comics (along with CYBORG: REBIRTH and BATMAN BEYOND: REBIRTH) to hit shelves this fall after several months of exciting title launches. In the new series, the Teen Titans start …

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Comic Book Review: Deathstroke Rebirth

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Having never read any Deathstroke comics before, I wasn’t really sure what I would find. I will say it’s entertaining.  By that I mean, if I were to compare it to a movie, I would say it’s a rental.  Then again, I’m not the biggest DS fan out there.  I have always been aware of him and what he does, …

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Comic Book Review : Battlestar Galactica

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Something amazing just happened folks.  A comic literally flew into my computer and surprised me.  I think I may have mentioned this in a press release some time ago, but completely forgot about it.   Battlestar Galactica by Cullen Bunn and published by our friends at Dynamite Comics, is simply fantastic.  Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight …