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Blu Ray Review: Abel Ferrera’s The Driller Killer (Arrow Video)

I think I was supposed to write this a long time ago, right around Christmas, But instead I went off on a vacation down to Florida and experienced something I wanted to do since i was a child. I went to Universal Studios! Staying up late and waking up early to watch different movies and early game shows on Nickelodeon was my life. All I ever wanted was to visit Universal Studios ride the Jaws ride and visit Nickelodeon Studios, maybe be a contestant on “What Would You Do?” With Mark Summers. But, to my dismay, the Jaws ride...

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A fantastic creature feature on Blu-Ray or an amazing Fan Theory? You decide! It’s the holiday season horror fans and I’m sure you, just like myself, are up to your sick minded heads with stress and everything else that comes with the holidays. whether it’s where to find the new Nintendo system that everyone’s going nuts over ( even though with a little bit of research and smarts you can create and mod your own better version for way cheaper) or stressing over the fact that uncle Ricky is coming into town and needs a place to crash and...

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein

I was given my copy of ReelGore Releasing’s newest movie “The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein” a few weeks ago and it seems that it had fallen to the bottom of my must watch list which is why this review is a little late. But I mean if you are a fellow horror/genre fan, can you blame me? Have you noticed how many amazing and classic releases have been coming out in the past few weeks from everyone from Scream Factory,Arrow Video, Synapse films all the way down to Severin and Vinegar Syndrome??? Everyone lately seems to be pulling out...

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DVD REVIEW: Kickboxer: Vengeance

Before I begin this review I feel like it’s necessary to explain something. I was first introduced to the “Muscles from Brussels” back in 1995. I was 7 years old. I was sick to my stomach and I stayed home from school begging my mother to order a movie off of pay-per-view. (It’s a thing we had back in the 90’s. if you currently have that confused look on your face, I hate to inform you but Netflix wasn’t always around). Some how I was able to convince her to let me watch a movie about a firefighter who fought...

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MOVIE REVIEW: Killbillies

I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and slightly hung over from one, or maybe even five drinks too many last night. I was cold from leaving my window open all night, and my mouth was drier then the bottom of the bottles I knocked down the night before. This is nothing new. I’ve been here before. you might even say that I have a permanent address at this feeling when it comes to my weekends.Instead of moving to the kitchen to start chugging that much-needed pot of coffee and downing the two Tylenol extra strengths, I decided to...

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