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Comic Book Review: FireBrat: The True Meaning of Christmas

Alright everyone, yes we have been covering a lot of independent stuff lately and I’m excited to announce that we get an exclusive first look review of the upcoming Christmas Graphic Novel…yes, Christmas. Graphic. Novel. In the middle of March, Firebrat: The True Meaning of Christmas, and sadly it is not about the bug. Firebrat starts off with a lovely tale of The Christmas Unicorn and seeing and believing with your heart, could you imagine if Politicians did something like that? We are introduced to a young girl named Becky, who is being raised by her father. Becky is...

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Comics R Kewel Ep. 36: Trigger Warning! (Feat. Mike Rosen)

Trigger Warning [ 1:16:29 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Hello everyone, today Bob and Chad go on a rant about why Danny Radd is shockingly white for the entire time of his existence. We look into the upcoming Venomverse and discover that Eddie Brock has passed down the Symbiote to a Lego, so much more, and also an exclusive interview with Mike Rosen the writer and artist of the upcoming Christmas book for some reason, FireBrat!   Listen on iTunes! Listen on Google Play! Listen on Stitcher!   THIS PODCAST AND ALL SJP PODCASTS ARE...

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Comic News: Marvels Edge of Venomverse

With the announcement of Eddie Brock returning and Marvel going back to their Legacy Numbering system, we are getting a new addition to the Marvel Lineup, we are going for a wild ride coming soon to the Marvel Universe, as you know Marvel can have some rather bizarre story lines, from Punisher Killing the Marvel Universe, Deadpool killing Classic Literature Characters, and all the way to everyone in Manhattan gaining Spider-Mans abilities! But not Marvel is taking it a whole step further, everyone will be getting a Venom Symbiote! Since Eddie Brock’s Debut in 1984, Venom has always been...

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Movie Review: Logan

Damn it, Logan! Sunday, I went out and saw Logan,I  did not look at trailers, heard chatter that it was amazing, saw promotional material, but other than that, I wanted to be surprised, I wanted to feel like I was basking in this amazing fantastic explosion of a film very loosely based off Old Man Logan by Mark Millar. So is this the best and final attempt to actually get a rendition of a hugely successful and recognizable character known as the Wolverine done right? Well…yes. As stated Logan is roughly based off the critically acclaimed series Old Man...

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