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First Ever Game Stream Event! April 13th 6:30pm EST: Until Dawn

Greetings everyone! We really don’t have any beautiful banners or anything for our announcement! But this week April 13th at 6:30pm EST we will be live streaming on Twitch one of the best Interactive Horror Survival Game out there….Bub’s Basement! Just kidding its:      That’s right, Thursday night April 13th at 6:30pm: The guys at Comics R Kewel will be streaming Until Dawn with David Lillie and Kit Jaspering, you may be familiar with them on projects such as Vampire Boyfriend and DreamKeepers!    Oh…and did I mention there will be plenty of drinks and tacos! You can...

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Comics R Kewel Ep. 37: Banana Splitzzzzzz! (Feat. Jay Faerber)

Comics R Kewel Ep. 37: Banana Splitzzzzzz! (Feat. Jay Faerber) [ 1:00:25 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Tonight on Comics R Kewel, we dive into the wonderful world of Man-Thing as our comic book of the week! Bob talks about how bad X-men Age of Apocalypse is and Chad complains about Suicide Squad/Banana Splits as being a harmless existence. All that and an exclusive interview with Jay Faerber promoting Cooperhead!   Listen on iTunes! Listen on Google Play! Listen on Stitcher! THIS PODCAST AND ALL SJP PODCASTS ARE SPONSORED BY DETROIT BEARD COLLECTIVE AND DEAD WORLD...

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KickStarter Preview: Ink Island, Comic and Teaching Guide for All Ages!

Hey Everyone, something cool is coming out of ComixTribe again! Ryan K. Lindsay and Craig Bruyn are coming together to create a comic that also functions as a teaching guide to create comics and helping kids learn about comics! That’s pretty awesome, Ryan K. Lindsay goes into detail by saying: INK ISLAND is an adventurous all ages one shot comic about a lighthouse that keeps away the monsters in the dark. This Kickstarter campaign is also creating a complete teaching guide to be used with the comic, which provides a range of lessons and ideas suitable for use in...

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Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad/The Banana Splits Annual #1

WHY!? Our story begins with our ragtag band of bubble gum pop musicians getting pulled over by cops for speeding in a military grade jeep, and if you learned anything from the title then sure enough your worst nightmares appear as the Banana Splits pop out of their vehicle and decide to get themselves arrested for some reason, meanwhile we cut to the Suicide Squad where they are on a mission to stop an unknown entity and it goes south, now it is up to Amanda Waller to assemble a new Suicide Squad and…yeah you know where this is...

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