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Top 5 Retro Comedies Everyone Should Watch

What is your best way to spend a Friday night? What would you rather do after a hard, nervous working week, when you are exhausted from deadlines, annoyed with irritating colleagues? Watching a classic hilarious movie due to Marry Brides, is probably the most appropriate option for those who wish to distract from problems. Here are the top 6 cult and exemplary movies of this delicate and complicated genre. To tell the truth, it absolutely doesn’t matter on which day you decide to watch it.  However, if you are looking for ideas to have some fun at the weekend,...

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5 Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Entertaining Lifestyle

You may have heard the news that it’s expensive to be alive today. Plus, real wage growth has been next to nonexistent over the last five decades. In other words, being in the middle class isn’t as cush as it used to be. You may not have control over the global economy or the decisions made by pompous, overpaid politicians in D.C. but you still have a margin of control over your spending. An entertaining lifestyle can be difficult to maintain if you don’t scrutinize every penny you spend. If you evaluated your budget right now you’d probably find...

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New Iron Man Receives Whole New Name

Big things have been happening in the world of Iron Man. Civil War II has shaken up the Marvel Universe for better or worse but hey, it’s been nothing if not interesting. We heard earlier this summer that someone new would be taking over the iconic Iron Man suit, but it wasn’t until now that we knew what to call her. News broke at the beginning of July that a new character would take over as Iron Man later this year. This is all part of the Marvel NOW! campaign that has seen a significant boost in diversity in...

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The internet is an odd thing. You have the people that use it for entertainment purposes and social networking, then you have the people that are on it 8 hours a day and use it to make their voices loud and obnoxious. Then, there’s the majority that are BOTH those types of internet users…and they can sway the opinions of people that are ill-informed on something to either the positive or the negative. A good example would be the massive record amount of dislikes for the Ghostbusters reboot trailer, I’ll admit: I’m not the biggest fan of the remake/reboot...

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Protect Your Beard !

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Check Out SJP’s BFF!!

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