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Soundtrack Review: Naked Superwitches of Rio Amore (slightly NSFW)

The Naked Superwitches of Rio Amore (1981) Private Records Soundtrack Review by david j. moore Also known as The Story of Linda, Jess Franco’s soft porn drama The Naked Superwitches of Rio Amore only recently came into my radar, thanks to Berlin-based soundtrack label Private Records, which has just produced a stunning LP set of the entire score for this film by composer Gerhard Heinz (Bloody Moon, Escape to Paradise). Grindhouse exploitation music has never sounded so sexy and sleek. With harpsichord themes, vocal interludes, and groovy jazz riffs, the score moves along at a fast clip. The opening theme is strong, whimsical, and mysterious with a rock-infused undercarriage. Only from Europe’s heyday of grindhouse sex films would we have gotten music so classy. There are pure electronic grind tunes (thanks to tracks like “Disco Bar”), and if you want to turn the lights down and get jiggy with it, there’s no better music to do that to. The hot pink vinyl disc comes nicely encased in a sturdy LP package, which also includes a gorgeous foldout poster and plenty of NSFW images printed on the sleeve. Private Records has been producing some great stuff with composer Heinz, and this particular title was a crowd-funded release, so this cannot be found in stores. If you visit their site, you’ll know exactly how to order one, and since quantities are...

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Soundtrack Review: Escape to Paradise (sort of NSFW)

Escape to Paradise (1984) Private Records Soundtrack Review by david j. moore The cinematic soundtracks of ’80s European softcore erotica are an underrated and rare breed. So few of these soundtracks have been released, but when one is unearthed, they should be savored and cherished. Thanks to the Berlin-based label Private Records, we now can add Gerhard Heinz’s score to 1984’s Escape to Paradise to a slim library of scores that might include some of the soundtracks to the Emmanuelle pictures, or others of that ilk. Over the course of 21 delectable tracks, composer Heinz dishes out some fun...

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