Author: David Grimes

MOVIE REVIEW: Beyond the Edge

Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we? Let’s go back to the 1990’s, a time where the economy was doing well, we have relative peace, the movie industry was barreling forward with new technology, and we were introduced to Hollywood’s new “It” man, Casper Van Dien. Van Dien first gained recognition for his role in the space action B-movie, Starship Troopers. A fun, silly sci-fi action flick that has such a massive cult following, they are still making these movies. Van Dien had arrived and soon he was in everything, including a great role in Tim Burton’s...

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MOVIE REVIEW: Stray Bullets

On the surface, Stray Bullets seems like a pretty run of the mill crime thriller. Two teenage boys get tangled with three criminals they just happened to come across in upstate New York. That all seems pretty standard as I was watching this film, but soon after the credits rolled and I started doing my research to write this review I came across a pretty interesting twist. This film is directed by a 16 year old. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. A 16 year old kid wrote, directed and starred in this film. I had...

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Despite what some may say or think, I am a big horror fan. I love a good horror flick that can chill me to the bone, make me question every creek and bump in my house, and wake me up several times during the night because the film got to me in such a way that it just crept into my brain. Drifter wants to be that film so desperately that it models itself after other popular, well known, and frankly, better films. The story is about two outlaws on the run that wind up trapped in a desert...

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I feel like sometimes when I watch movies and review them for this site, I’m too hard them. Maybe I’m expecting too much from these smaller, independent movies, or maybe a lot of them I don’t fully understand.  For Go North, I really wanted to have as open of a mind as possible and really experience this film. Never mind that Bub is silently judging me and threatening me with physical and emotional pain if I trash this movie, I really wanted to like it. You know what? I did. I love movies filmed in my home state of...

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MOVIE REVIEW: Counter Clockwise

Have you ever heard that saying, “Your eyes are bigger than your plate”? That’s pretty much how I sum up Counter Clockwise, a movie that try to be bigger than it was, but ultimately had nothing new to say. It’s not to say this is bad, not at all, it just tried to do more than it could. Counter Clockwise tells the story of Ethan and Ceil, two “scientists” who are working on a teleportation device, but inadvertently create a time travel machine. Yes, this has been done before, multiple times in fact, but when there is a new...

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