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Album Review: Li Garattoni “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”

I don’t know anything about this record or vocalist Li Garattoni. I was given a test pressing of the re-issue of her album “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”, originally released on a small German label in 1982. This album has been out of print for nearly three decades and I can’t help but to wonder why. Thankfully, the always brilliant Private Records now has their hands on this record and it’s going to be available very soon for worldwide consumption. Listening to this record, I felt as if I were in a dream. I didn’t blare it loudly like...

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First Trailer and Poster for Larry Cohen Documentary King Cohen

Really, what can you say about Larry Cohen that no one hasn’t said before. He’s been responsible for more classics than most of his contemporaries. It’s with great pleasure that I can share with you the first trailer for KING COHEN: THE WILD WORLD OF FILMMAKER LARRY COHEN. Director Steve Mitchell is delivering to us the first feature length documentary about the maverick filmmaker. FROM THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: The makers of the upcoming feature-length Larry Cohen documentary, KING COHEN, have just dropped their official trailer, along with a website, Watch the site and follow them at @KingCohenMovie...

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Walter Hill is a legend and one of the first true auteurs of action. If it weren’t for his films, talent like John Woo may have never come into their own. At 75, Hill is still trucking along and making films. The project he chose to bring to the screen is insanely bizarre, doesn’t always work, but there’s something fun going on in THE ASSIGNMENT. It totally misses the mark but with some exploitation elements and a delightfully sleazy performance by Sigourney Weaver, it’s not a waste of time. Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez) is a hired assassin, the best...

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Soundtrack Review: Umberto Lenzi’s EATEN ALIVE! (NSFW)

Cannibal films are an acquired taste. They’re most certainly never easy to swallow and only the hardcore of horror fans can truly appreciate them in all of their flesh eating glory. In 1980, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was released and became the standard on which all cannibal films would forever be judged. Ruggero Deodato’s film is remembered for numerous reasons but Riz Ortolani’s score will forever be imprinted into my brain. That same year, director Umberto Lenzi (CANNIBAL FEROX) released EATEN ALIVE! While not quite as powerful as HOLOCAUST or FEROX, as time has gone on, it’s turned into a cult...

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Movie Review: Streets of Vengeance (2016)

The VHS era is long gone but there are so many of us who are still trying to hold on to those memories of discovery, the memories that have shaped our lives. The 80’s gave birth to the mom and pop video store domination and the titles you could find lining the shelves were priceless. The spirit of the time period is still very much alive and a whole new breed of filmmaker is on the rise, paying homage to the time period in different ways with their films. Two such filmmakers are Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba...

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