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There’s a serial killer on the streets of Los Angeles who is murdering young Russian woman. The police are at a standstill, no clues are left, the only thing he leaves behind is a single black rose. Captain Dalano (Robert Davi) is desperate to catch him so he decides to try something a bit outside the box. He gets in touch with the captain of the Russian police force in Moscow who sends him one of their best, Major Vlad Kazatov (Alexander Nevsky). He’s a fish out of water in L.A. but his partner Det. Emily Smith (Kristanna Loken)...

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THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS documentary to release companion album in May on Lakeshore Records

For the uninitiated, “synthwave” is an electronic style of music heavily influenced by the 80’s, video games, and artists like John Carpenter or Vangelis. In recent years, this retro sound has been making a major comeback and a whole slew of new artists are emerging, re-creating a sound so many of us have longed for. With films like IT FOLLOWS and THE GUEST adopting the sound, it was only a matter of time before TV shows did the same, just listen to the phenomenal soundtrack to STRANGER THINGS. Director Ivan Castell and producer Javier Moreno are putting together THE...

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Interview with The One and Only: Tiffany Shepis (Asylum of Darkness)

It’s hard to believe that Tiffany Shepis has been in the business for over twenty years. And in those twenty years, her resume has grown to include well over one hundred and twenty titles. It doesn’t matter if she is the lead or has a two minute cameo, she always brings her ‘A’ game to a ‘B’ movie. She’s a real pro and a damn fine actress which tends to get overlooked by the mainstream. If you go back and watch some of her early Troma work, you’ll also see just how funny she is with a great sense...

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Stories from the Trenches: The Official Sam Firstenberg Book has launched a crowdfunding Campaign

A huge part of why I’ve been a life-long CANNON FILMS fanatic is because of the films directed by Sam Firstenberg. He directed some of the companies finest titles, films like REVENGE OF THE NINJA, AMERICAN NINJA, and the breakdancing classic BREAKIN 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. These films (among others) have been a staple of my cinematic library since I first recorded them to VHS off one of the various pay cable channels. The love and affection audiences have for these films and Mr. Firstenberg just continues to grow and author Marco Siedelmann (THE UNTOLD, IN-DEPTH, OUTRAGEOUSLY TRUE STORY ABOUT...

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Album Review: Li Garattoni “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”

I don’t know anything about this record or vocalist Li Garattoni. I was given a test pressing of the re-issue of her album “Find Out What I’m Dreaming”, originally released on a small German label in 1982. This album has been out of print for nearly three decades and I can’t help but to wonder why. Thankfully, the always brilliant Private Records now has their hands on this record and it’s going to be available very soon for worldwide consumption. Listening to this record, I felt as if I were in a dream. I didn’t blare it loudly like...

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