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Review: John Carter: The End

It never occurred to me that John Carter and Batman would have much in common, but I hadn’t read John Carter The End yet… I’ll explain… Brian Wood and Alex Cox’s narrative finds John Carter and his love, Dejah Thoris living in peaceful exile on the planet Titan. Carter and Thoris are far removed from their run on Mars. They are old, and broken. They are just trying to live the remainder of they’re days in peace. Unfortunately for them, they won’t know peace… A band from Mars descends upon them, and requests they return to Mars because it...

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When I see the name Francesco Francavilla attached to title, I expect a lot from it. I expect the best the medium as to offer. Will Eisner’s The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1, is beyond my expectations. Francavilla, just might, be Eisner reincarnated. Seriously, he might have summoned dark forces to suck Eisner’s soul from the afterlife and have it take possession of his hand through this process. At least a goat and two chickens died during the production of this book; I’d put money on it! The Corpse Makers, starts with getting frozen out of the case after the...

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Review: Joe Hill: The Graphic Novel Collection

Joe Hill, like is father, Stephen King is a horror storytelling master. Unfortunately, he also looks like him. Seriously, King, based on his looks, was destined either to be the lead of a singer of Eddie Money cover band or transmit creepy stories onto paper. Luckily, for us, he choose the later. (I Love You Mr. King! Don’t Curse Me!) While most will know Hill from his novels, for me, it’s through his work with IDW over the years. Mostly from the stellar Locke & Key. When is this getting a HBO or Netflix series? Seriously, people it’s one...

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Another month arrives and with it new Neflix titles…it’s quickly becoming the one thing I can count in life. This month highlights include; the original Blair Witch, the animated Sausage Party, Magic Mike, Finding Dory, the British Office spinoff-David Brent: Life on the Road and the Stallone produced American Ninja-esqe Ultimate Beastmaster, which I’m sure I will binge over a weekend. Here’s a trailer for that and the rest of the Feb. releases below. Avail. 2/1/17 Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies, and Cyber Attacks (2016) Babe (1995) Babe: Pig in the City (1998) Balto (1995) Balto 2: Wolf Quest (2001)...

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I’m cheating a bit here because I still have a few issues left to droll over to finish up the epic Revolution event, that Revolutionaries jumps off from, but if I don’t get a review out Bub won’t tell me where my family is… So here we go… I don’t want to spoil the end of the Revolution for those folk (like me) that a bit behind, but let’s say some like Jack Burton they shook the heavens. The Joe’s have been reformed, MASK is mobilized, Action Man is back, the Micronauts found earth and the Transformers saga ads...

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