Atari & IDW Games Hook Up!

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IDW Games and arcade game pioneer Atari have had a baby together…well maybe not, but have down something cool.

According to a joint press release; “…IDW Games, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to produce a line of tabletop games based on several classic Atari videogame titles. Centipede®, Asteroids®, and Missile Command® are all headed to the tabletop by way of Jon Gilmour, co-designer of Dead of Winter, and his hand-picked crew of up-and-coming co-developers.”

Centipede® will be the first game to hit store shelves later this year, with the other titles to follow.

IDW promises: “…the Atari line of board games are fun, intense and fast-paced. While each game in the series will play differently from the others, they will all have you nostalgic for the days of being hunched over a CRT in a dark arcade with your eyes on the prize: top of the high-score chart.”

I grew up on these titles and loved them. I never thought they could or should translate into a board game. Place me in the wait in see category.

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