Another Reason to Hate Michael Bay or Not? Friday the 13th Reboot

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So it’s no surprise that Michael Bay is at it again.  Literally…news that his Platinum Dunes are in plans to reboot Friday the 13th broke last November.  If you’re behind on this news wait before you get down on your knees, Throw your hands in the air, and scream WHY GOD WHY! I’ll tell you the reason why.  David Bruckner.  If you’re asking yourself, who the fuck is that Jake?  Well you’re dead to me.  Those still with me who have seen The Signal, and V/H/S (Amateur Night) don’t get too excited because I still don’t give a fuck about you.  However you know good horror so give yourself a pat on the back, a hand job, or whatever way you make yourself feel better about your life.  Rumor has it he is in talks to direct this Horror Reboot.  I know what you’re thinking, this would be his first studio movie.  I say give the kid the reins.  Can he do any worse than Sam Winchester (I’m ashamed I just admitted to watching Supernatural) looking for his sister or “Your tits are stupendous.” I rest my case.